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Maniac-Maniac (1980)

Maniac-Maniac (1980)

by 03/02/2014
The "Maniac" focuses on the morbid "project" a mentally deranged killer who kills young women primarily, taking them the scalp after each murder.

William Lustig


Andrew W. Garroni, William Lustig


C. A. Rosenberg, Joe Spinell


Joe Spinell, Caroline Munro


Jay Chattaway

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Magnum Motion Pictures Inc.

Γνωστή και ως

Μανιακός Δολοφόνος


1 Hour and 27 Minutes (87 Minutes)






Run from this man!
I warned you not to go out tonight
You can lock your windows and doors...But you can't lock the madman out of your mind.
It will tear the life out of you.



Body Count





Repulsive to some, enjoyable for others ' Maniac ' definitely cannot pass unnoticed by anyone. The great Joe Spinell (The Godfather, Rocky etc.) embodies the most obnoxious and annoying character of his career. All the ' Maniac ' moves on the morbid path that defines the psychopath murderer Frank Zito. After leaving his childhood traumas and with particular preference among young women, the anti-hero maniac ruthlessly kills any victim stamparei in the most brutal way. Also the scalp of his victims ends embellishment of shop mannequins who has in his possession. Brrrr …

The film clearly has a personal character and no time off the sick world of manic Frank. Paranoid monologoi fill out the perverse nature of but nothing reaches the horrific crimes of morbidity. The Frank can mislead its victims initially presenting a nice profile, this lover of fine arts winning their confidence, to turn into a animero beast at suitable timing sowing death.

Horror Trivia

In the Greek market the film has been released and titled "serial killer". Also the "Maniac" were to be accompanied by a song with the same title which eventually was not with the particular piece gets the path for the movie "Flashdance" of 1983 after the necessary course facelift …

The case may not have depth, can the spectacle to be unpleasant – particularly for the female audience – but beyond the accusations of misogyny, "Maniac" featuring realism, brutality, morbid directed and persuasively captures our on-screen real profile serial killers who have intermittently disturb the tranquility of moral, civilized world. All it takes is a glance in his eyes bulging, Frank fiery to illustrate insanity and his murderous rage. As if they were made for this role …

It is worth noting that behind the special effects is the "Maitre" Tom Savini who played and one of the victims of the lunatic in one of the most appalling scenes of world cinema where the dissolution has been head at its best! Such an explosion of rare carbine head found in film. This is another reason why the scene looked horror lover to attend the "Maniac". The atmosphere of rot and decay is ubiquitous. The finale adds the perfect notes of surrealism, leaving the door open for the sequel which unfortunately never came after the US abandoned Joe Spinell in 1989. Certainly talking about one of the top all-time slasher although I strip that is something more than a typical slasher. Don't miss it if you want to have seen every side of sexy movies.


Movie Highlights

  • The suspenseful sequences that the maniac chases a young woman on the subway and then in the toilets!
  • The monumental scene blasting head after karampinas shot where the Bloodshot Blender pitsilane profusely on our screen! This scene so much aidiase some critics that one of them walked out of the cinema saying in a telecast that the film would never be ' apolytrwthei ' by the violence. These are!
  • The sick, surreal and also particularly bloody finale which moves between fantasy and reality.


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Maniac (1980)

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Morbid and decadent atmosphere, terrible interpretation of Spinell in the role of demented, cruel murders, realistic effects, surreal finale.


The annoying thing about suspicions of misogyny and sadism excessive has caused revulsion in many people. For some, however, are not negative but the recipe for success of the film.

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Must for old friends, good slasher. Generally this is a movie that gives no chestnuts and wants a lot of mental toughness to «digested».

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