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Mama (2013)

Mama (2013)

by 09/05/2014
Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Universal Pictures, De Milo, Toma 78


1 Hour and 40 Minutes (100 Minutes)


A mother's love is forever.



Box Office

$146.428.180 (έως 10-4-2013)


 Case: The "Mama" revolves around two young girls who were abandoned in a remote cabin in the woods for five years. Upon discovery, the girls live with their aunt and uncle but bring them together and a dark, menacing entity they call ' Mama '.

Maternal love at its best in this slightly fabled horror film. "Mama" is a movie that definitely doesn't innovate. Selects the familiar and safe metaphysical paths wide horror audience loves and accepts easily nowadays, leaving aside the most looked for searches that possibly could be develop to an alternative scenario. For someone who has had enough of the clichés of the supernatural field, the aforementioned image beats like shrill. Luckily the meticulous work in directing and the vague sense of autonomy that is given through a fabulous aesthetic involved, it's ' Mama ' Nice in my eyes though not impressed me in any case. The name of Guillermo del Toro to large contributors (as executive producer) certainly didn't go unnoticed and probably has played a greater role in the final result.

What we have here then? Originally a very interesting case. Two very young girls is transferred from the saltarismeno and dangerous their father in a remote cabin in the Woods. And while the desperate father prepares to kill (!), a mysterious presence of changing lights and saves two children. Unfortunately for those missing, will remain for five years growing up in the wild in the hut. When detected, the brother of their father struggling to win their trust, something that eventually succeeds. Of course his decision to pick the girls accompanied by difficulties as problematic, semi-wild nature and the seeming inability of his wife to raise are not encouraging factors. The main problem though is something beyond imagination. A queer, dark and very dangerous entity is always close to the two girls. The call ' Mama ' and makes it clear early on that this lady does not want in any way to separate the children. Woe to those who would dare to take them away. Yes, properly understood. The horror has just begun …

Horror Trivia

One of the reasons that the little actress Isabelle Nélisse doesn't speak a lot of time in the film, is that she doesn't know English.

Apart from the Nice affair, my interest was focused and in the cast. The Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty) and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Game of Thrones) simulating the aunt and uncle of the girls, only indifferent is not. The chemistry they are definitely successful. The onus is, of course, perhaps earlier than you had in the Chastain and others characters are not sufficiently developed. Success is also the overall presence of two young girls who make surprise in a difficult mission. Scenario unfortunately makes the expected waters resorting to well-known supernatural class facilities, perpetuating alongside various more or less known cliché in embarrassing point. Luckily the meticulous directorial work and introducing aliquot fantasy elements assisted by CGI, give the "Mama" a distinct sweetness which differentiates it somewhat from the pile of metaphysical horror films.

The fairytale aesthetic, black butterflies, (a d del Toro with insects!), the sense of melancholy, highlight – even slightly clumsy – maternal instinct give some flair in the film. And of course let's not forget the numerous horrendous scenes that often freezes the blood and shake us out of our position. As well, the horror movie "Mama" succeeds the primary goal. It is sufficient, dark, atmospheric, suspenseful. The sense of frivolity but not eliminated, especially in the field of the script. Generally given the impression that the original data would result in a more looked for evolution, with more ' philosophical ' reflection. Instead we saw another routine horror movie that manages to stay upright due in 2-3 specifics, but definitely does not neither excites will go down in history as a stunner.


Movie Highlights

  • An impressive and extremely believable falling from stairs.
  • The first and unexpected show of Mama in the hut with wild moods.
  • The fairy and emotional finale that enters strongly fantasy elements.

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Meticulous direction, well-made effects, several eerie scenes, sufficient presence of two small girls starring.


Incomplete development of most characters, several scenario-conveniences and platitudes that annoy.

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Interesting effort but preferred the security of supernatural horror amerikanize by limiting substantially the original dynamic.

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