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The Lost Boys-Children of the night (1987)

The Lost Boys-Children of the night (1987)

by 26/05/2014
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Warner Bros.


1 Hour and 37 Minutes (97 Minutes)


Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never die. It's fun to be a vampire.
Being wild is in their Blood.



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 Case: "The Lost Boys" focuses on two young brothers who move with their mother in new city. There you will discover that the area affected by a vicious group of vampires aimodipswn.

One of the most successful horror movies in the 80s with their themed vampires is undoubtedly the "The Lost Boys". May not meet the heavy and pompous atmosphere of older classic movies vampires but that does not reduce to nothing the great value. It is a modern, trendy version of famous horror characters, custom clearly suitable for the general public without loosing in quality, honesty and genuine feeling of terror.

The case refers to a family that moves into a (fictional) town of California to make a new start. The mother of two children has just split, and the two children Michael and Sam are trying to meet the new region, in which there have been unexplained disappearances of individuals. The House where her father owned moved their mother who has hobbies embalming. The eldest of two brothers (Michael) during night ride to town he met a group of his peers also peculiar and captivated by the Star, the only female member of the gang. Here are various outlandish events during Michael's acquaintance with new "friends" as a risky race with their machines, swallowing blood from bottle to the abode of the peculiar new and a foolhardy venture in which Michael and his friends hanging from train Rails that time in limbo beneath them lies an enigmatic fog in one monumental scene. The next day Michael would wake up in the bed of his home exhausted to discover gradually that he has acquired bizarre properties … that essentially has been transformed into a vampire as were "friends" with whom xenychtise the night before!

Horror Trivia

The names of two brothers-the vampire hunters who know the brothers – actors and assist them in dealing with vampires is Edgar and Alan. Obviously this is reference/tribute to the great Edgar Allan Poe.

lost boys

Meanwhile his younger brother Michael will met in a shop selling comic books, two young guys "experts" in dealing with vampires. The Sam informs the two friends about the situation of his brother (which both brothers hide from their mother), and they urge him to kill him but Sam refuses. Finally decide to go to the "nest" of mochthirwn vampires who Michael him astray to kill them during the day when they will they slept. The venture, however, was not of absolute success and three kids barely managed to escape from the angry most vampires. This will be followed by the final conflict between vampires and the three kids who have as their ally the Michael family home, that night. There, apart from conquering action will be big surprises, unexpected for everyone!

As I understood, the movie has a lot of bread (rather than the normal duration), flowing pleasantly and not at all boring (very important for a horror film). Vampires are well made, keeping their mochthirotita in look and in all their appearances resembling pozeradiki glam rock band of the 80s. Especially the Kiefer Sutherland in the role of the leader of the gang of vampires is impressive. Generally all the actors respond magnificently in their role. If all of these things add exquisite music, gothic rock aesthetic, the juvenile nature of the film and the measured but needed comic element mainly by the antics of the three kids, we understand that we are dealing with a full horror film that has a lot to offer.

The Lost Boys

Movie Highlights

  • The decisive battle in the latter part of the film constitutes a potential lethal cocktail, action and surprises!
  • The memorable scene where Michael and the other four vampires hanging with their hands on the rails and what follows!
  • The comedic antics of young atsoympala and ' hunters ' vampires in various phases of film.
  • The main musical piece by Gerard McMahon that sounds at intervals in the movie. Exquisite and atmospheric.

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Impressive group of vampires, variety series characters, youthful feeling, rock aesthetic, wonderful music themes.


Maybe some people find it somewhat "childish" for current data. Wrong impression for me ...

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Of the best horror movies with vampires ever. Must for fans of the genre, especially for younger audiences.

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