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Little Deaths-three little Deaths (2011)

Little Deaths-three little Deaths (2011)

by 16/08/2014
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Almost Midnight Productions


1 Hour and 34 Minutes (94 Minutes)


Experimentation ... Revenge ... All Part of Life's Twisted Games ...


 Case: The "Little Deaths" recounts three independent horror stories that revolve around death, sex and sadism.

This film is definitely one of the most unexpected and unusual in the sub-category of vertebrates. This does not necessarily mean that cases like the British "Little Deaths" is also good as movies, just the strong diversity draws attention and motivates further analyses. In "Little Deaths" then witnessing three horror stories rich with generous doses of sex, sensuality, sadomasochism and black with little from distorted science. The absence of a central story-don't bother wrapping after public sex-sadistic pattern containing all three, joining tight enough.

In the first story (& House Home) starring a unique pair of bourgeois who seems to hits from the monotony of predictable life. So they decide to catch a young addict, beggar captive and force them into BDSM and erotic games relegating her personality with vulgar ways. An unexpected development but it will spoil their plans.

In the second story (Mutant Tool) starring a former prostitute and drug addict who now tries to escape the sinful past. But when she gets something weird pills of the supplying a physician known of her boyfriend, I started seeing strange visions that will lead to tremendous discoveries.

The third story (Bitch) focuses on the bizarre relationship of a couple who engage in BDSM games with his wife in Mistress's role. But when this lady makes sex with his best friend's partner, he gets in skull and prepares a terrible revenge by making capture the biggest scare of his girlfriend.

Horror Trivia

The title of the film comes from the French phrase "la petite mort" in French is a metaphorical reference to the orgasm.

The perverting nature of stories becomes clear early on. A keen sexploitation climate is established and paranoid stories about developments seal the morbid image of film. But from the outset and problems emerge in the direction which shows flabby and somewhat unprofessional. The stories themselves are now definitely original like conception but evolve agarmpa displaying backsliding on several points of their storytelling. Quite indifferent seemed to me the second story while the other two and especially the third perceived with greater interest than their problems. Occasionally very filodwroyn us with powerful shock as in extreme finale of the latest history.

Generally, however, the "Little Deaths" will hardly satisfy the general public not only because of his weaknesses but also because of the provocative nature of which makes "unwanted". Definitely appeals to a more specific and "open-minded" common but even this I don't think very excited from the overall picture. But don't go unnoticed like film.

Little Deaths

Movie Highlights

  • The unexpected and bloody evolution of first story.
  • The paranoid and morbid finale of the latest history.

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Originality at least the second and third story, nostalgic sexploitation logic, the General paranoia that is inherent in the film.


Erasitechnismoi in direction, moderate interpretations, evident weaknesses in scenarios of stories despite initially good ideas.

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Uneven and extreme horror anthology that would like particularly to lovers of extreme cinema and sexploitation old movement.

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