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Link-Link, terror (1986)

Link-Link, terror (1986)

by 23/03/2014
The "Link" focuses on the gradual transformation of an intelligent oyrakotagkoy name Link, from calm and attentive pet in a highly menacing and crafty killer. A student of Zoology are called to confront him in thrall to a distant House.

Richard Franklin


Richard Franklin


Everett De Roche


Lee David Zlotoff, Tom Ackermann


Elisabeth Shue, Terence Stamp


Jerry Goldsmith

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Cannon Screen Entertainment, Thorn EMI Screen Entertainment


1 Hour and Minutes (103 Min)


United Kingdom




For thousands of years man has enslaved the ape, now the tables are about to turn.
An Experiment In Terror!
When Man was given mastery over the beasts, someone forgot to tell...

Box Office

$1.720.450 (ΗΠΑ)




Another horror movie that uses an animal as ' evil ' of the case. This time the "troublemaker" is a sympathestatos but also devilishly intelligent orangutan with adoration for fire. The notorious monkey Link well comes through this British film to offer us a pleasant spectacle that combines horror with the jazz in a pleasant and digestible blend.

The action unfolds mostly in a secluded House in rural areas, almost on the brink of a cliff, beyond which lies a beautiful wild sea. Strange place for such film or maybe not? The young student Jane visits the isolated House in zoology professor Steven Phillip to help him in his experiments and to acquire new knowledge. It welcomes the role Link orangutan Butler and at the beginning everything looks promising. After some experiments, though, having the Dr Phillip informs that Jane will go to sell one of the chimpanzees of his house in Mexico City. the Professor disappears mysteriously. A partner who has come to get the Link, not the best moods, makes things even worse. The Link resists vigorously and soon will develop into a major threat. Encapsulates the Jane at home, destroys the telephone cables and dashes with murderous intent in any approach to the region.

The "Link" is in principle a film that relies on the intelligence of apes by informing the public about the wide range of activities that can take the friendly primates through appropriate training. Almost all the scenes that the monkeys of Dr Phillip consumed at home work is enjoyable along with the rest of their tales. It's fun to see monkeys doing IQ tests, to carry baggage to groom role, helping to serve food and drink, to dress up in costumes, playing in the yard like small children and other such fine. But a movie that fits in the category of horror should be evaluated in this context, let's see what terrifying we can derive from this film. Definitely a factor is the gradual "transformation" of the Link by a friendly and helpful creature in evil Slayer (for oyrakotagkoy standards always!) full of intelligence and orderliness. The gradual limitation of Jane in the House and all threatening actions of Link is indicative of the above list.

Horror Trivia

Originally the role of Dr Phillip was be given to Anthony Perkins.

The natural environment ultimately helps to make the movie more frightening with cliffs of the cliff, the secret passages from the home to the rocky shores of the sea, the isolation provided by the remote province and nearby fields where wild dogs lurking security guards. A helping hand and offer vivid, suspenseful music heightening suspense when the murderous fury of Link has gotten in front for good. Of course the violent behavior of Link is not accompanied by the necessary amount of bloodshed is quite distinctive from the Visual side and this somewhat weakens the movie. Terence Stamp in the interpretive role of Dr Phillip stands better than all-comers though definitely in the film glory stealing monkeys and especially the ingenious Link. The finale is satisfying leaving necessary innuendo …


Movie Highlights

  • The "voyeurism" that makes the Link to Jane's naked body. So lustful look difficult encounter by spider monkey!
  • The scene that the Link xepastreyei summarily a wild dog.
  • The chilling scene that pushes the bus Link a cliff while the driver is inside!


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Link (1986)

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A truly menacing and devilishly intelligent Orang, intense music that accompanies the scenes with suspense, beautiful photography of the natural environment.


The discreet depiction of violence, the delayed start of the action.

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Seeing the Link will pass well but at the same time it can also reflect the sincerity of obedience of your pets. How unpredictable they could possibly behave if given opportunity? Let's not think about better ...

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