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Life After Beth-Ampethanti (2014)

Life After Beth-Ampethanti (2014)

After the unexpected death of his girlfriend, Zach's world crumbles. Things slip when Beth mysteriously returns from the world of the dead. The joy you feel slowly gives Zach space in fear as Beth is not the same that was ...

Jeff Baena


Michael Zakin, Liz Destro


Jeff Baena


Aubrey Plaza, Dane DeHaan, Molly Shannon, Cheryl Hines, Paul Reiser, Matthew Gray Gubler, John C. Reilly


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

American Zoetrope, Abbolita Productions, Starstream Entertainment, XYZ Films


1 Hour and 29 Minutes (89 Minutes)






Some girls just want to watch the world burn.



Box Office





Here a few years ago and the zombies are everywhere. From movies and sitcoms up books and comics. In cinema, in particular, the zombies have "invaded" in every genre. So we, zombie comedies, action films with zombies and even romantic zombie movies. The Life after Beth belongs to the so-called zom rom com (romantic zombie comedy), species that perfected the Shaun of the dead and had possible additions in recent years with films like the Warm Bodies.

The film puts the scales with light comedy romance drama with zombies is simply a plot device giving one more gory aesthetics. This balance clearly leans to the side of comedy and it seems from the dialogues characterised by hearing-impaired surreal humor and constructed so that they point in line. These dialogues are not as strong as the quality of the humor, but the movie is aided greatly by the actors who have given their credentials in comedy (Aubrey Plaza known from the series of Parks and Recreation and the stand up comedy show in the role of Beth and of course the John C. Riley in the role of Beth's dad). Special mention deserves to be made into Dane DeHaan plays him Zach, who responds to the comic duties giving much-needed drama for which he is famous.

Horror Trivia

The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival where he took part in the contest.

The film has its moments, it manages to be scary at any point but rather it was planned because the zombie apocalypse isn't the focus of the film. The make up and special effects are pretty plausible even though the small budget of the film.

Life After Beth

Movie Review Highlights
  • The scene that Zach knocks on Beth with the car.
  •  When Beth's mom feeds the same hand why she regrets her daughter who is hungry.


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Fast pace, interesting comical interpretations, makeup.


Some jokes are hit or miss.

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The Life after Beth is seen very pleasantly even from non-horror fans and certainly is a very dignified add in kind.

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