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Let Me In — Let evil enter (2010)

Let Me In — Let evil enter (2010)

by 24/09/2013
"Let Me In" tells the dramatic story of a boy who develops a close relationship with a little vampire girl. The original friendship reaches love while at the same time mysterious murders in the region make the situation for both as cause local suspicions detective.

Matt Reeves


Donna Gigliotti, Alex Brunner, Simon Oakes, Tobin Armbrust, Guy East, John Nordling, Carl Molinder


Matt Reeves


John Ajvide Lindqvist


Kodi Smit-McPhee, Chloë Grace Moretz, Elias Koteas, Richard Jenkins


Michael Giacchino

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Overture Films, Exclusive Media Group, Hammer Film Productions, EFTI

Γνωστή και ως

Blood Story


1 Hour and 56 Minutes (116 Minutes)


USA, United Kingdom




Innocence dies. Abby doesn't.



Box Office





When King Stephen himself described this film triumph for the horror cinema and best American horror film of the last 20 years I think things speak for themselves. Not that I can not disagree with the view of the great writer on details but from any side and if you see the "Let Me In" was a surprisingly dynamic impetus to the horror genre and especially in the parakmasmeni phylum of vampire films where the lack of fresh ideas and the presence of many mediocrities had noticeably degrade the dynamic of that class in the eyes of horror fans. This American production (with the assistance of the reborn Hammer Films also to not forget important details) is "remake" of "The exceptional also Let Right In One" from Sweden and, above all, adaptation of the homonymous book by Swedish author John Ajvide Lindqvist, however the great success lies in its place can stand alone thanks to excellent directed by Matt Reeves (from whom he admired and the terrible ' Cloverfield ' a bit earlier) and on grandiose interpretations of the two main protagonists, Kodi Smit-McPhee and Moretz Chloë Grace.

The case revolves around the kids love that two young children develop the Owen and Abby at New Mexico's Los Alamos. The Owen is a fobitsiariko, sad boy who often become a target of teasing from his classmates. The lonely little lives with his mother in a difficult family situation as his parents have launched divorce. Owen's life acquires interest in the adjacent apartment when moving a special little girl with her father. The two children are forging a very intense relationship that gradually develops into something more than just friendship. What we don't know yet the little Owen is that his new girlfriend is not a normal human being but vampires and blood consumption needed for its survival. Responsible for the blood supply is the ostensible father of Abby. The nights comes out from home and wearing a bag on person attacks on unsuspecting victims, killing them and their blood apomyzwntas intended for small prostateyomeni. But one night the deadly ride successfully evolves not resulting in the police area (Elias Koteas) who investigates the killing attacks to suspect that something strange is going on in the small apartment Abby. Sometime comes the moment of truth. How ready is the little Owen to accept the reality of the true nature of his beloved friend and how much they are willing to do about it?

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Over $ 24 million collected in "Let Me In" worldwide. At the same time raised nomination but won several film awards. Chloë Grace Moretz in particular won 6 separate awards concerning her participation as the Saturn Award for best young actor.

This well-written story takes off from the directorial mastery of Reeves and the successful chemistry of two small actors. "Let Me In" is dark and violent but simultaneously romantic and touching. Brings both near opposite sides concepts as few modern horror movies deliver. The young vampire Abby embodies the ultimate evil with frightening appearance and unrestrained aggression each time that devours the blood of its victims. On the other hand shows a perfectly honest emotional person, a completely different, ' good ' side of herself by being willing to do everything for her new friend despite their inherent diversity. On his part, lone finds Owen in the face of the savior who Abby the releases from the miserly and miserable life of grabbing the opportunity for radical behavioural change. Nothing can stop the unprecedented connection of two children. Finally a horror movie with depth, countless thrills and masterly acting. Long but deserved patience. Of the few cinematic metaphors and stories simultaneously remake that demonstrate independence and freshness. When even myself the author of honor the film despite the existing Swedish filmic version then you will understand why it is imperative to monitor the "Let Me In". Bravo to all who contributed to the creation of this praiseworthy work.

Let Me In

Movie Highlights

  • The disclosure of the identity of Abby on Owen in an intense scene that unfolds unexpectedly and hard-hitting.
  • The furious attack of Abby on an unsuspecting victim into a drain.
  • The last dramatic meeting with Abby's "father"/protector of the hospital.
  • The finale offered lots of violence but also feeling.


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Well-written history, dynamic Director, major interpretations of the two protagonists, Frank and intense feelings, dramatic atmosphere.


Perhaps that is "remake"? Difficult to identify negative items here.

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Of the best vampire movies of the past 20 years at least. Is something more than a good horror movie after the emotional elements make it accessible to a wider audience that likes to intense, dramatic love stories.

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