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Les Yeux Sans Visage Eyes without a face-(1960)

Les Yeux Sans Visage Eyes without a face-(1960)

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Champs-Élysées Productions, Lux Film

Γνωστή και ως

Eyes Without a Face, House of Dr. Rasanoff, The Horror Chamber of Dr. Faustus


1 Hour and 28 Minutes (88 Min)



Box Office

$52.709 (ΗΠΑ)


 Case: In "Les yeux sans visage", an excellent surgeon, Dr. Genessier, with the help of his Secretary, Louise, kidnaps young women and removes their facial skin. Then trying to transplant skin in the face of his daughter, Christiane, who has defaced after a serious car accident.

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French cinema with excellent performances and fantastic atmosphere. The film grapples with his obsession to scientist managed the impossible. To succeed we must break ethical rules as well as laws whose violation brings severe consequences. Until I can get a man to make you happy not only his favorite person, in this case his daughter, but also to satisfy his own ego? Through the role of the doctor (Pierre Brasseur) seeing a hard man who tramples everything for science. Next to the Secretary (Alida Valli) occurs more fragile but obedient to his wishes. And finally, the tragic figure of the daughter (Edith Scob) who stoically endures anything to gain back her face.

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Horror Trivia

When the film was screened at the Edinburgh Film Festival in 1960, during the surgery, fainted, seven people in the movie.

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The film is particularly atmospheric, with moral dilemmas and causes mixed feelings in the Viewer. Can anyone justify the abominable acts of the doctor? The position of Assistant? If the viewer was in the doctor's position would do the same? Finally, there are limits to science? The doctor is perpetrator or victim of circumstances and vulnerabilities? These and many other questions going through the mind of the viewer during the film.

The film has no particular horror scenes or amazing effects. With its simplicity, however, and the strong feelings that creates manages to grab the Viewer. The Edith Scob is unique in its role. A and is forced to wear permanently a mask to cover her face, he passes the spectator's feelings with the movements of the head, with the look and the attitude of the body.

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Eyes Without a Face

Movie Highlights

  • The process of facial transplantation in the protagonist.
  • The surprising end.

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The exquisite interpretations and the development of the plot.


Maybe someone tired of the fact that there are large pauses without dialogues but which does not remove something from the movie.

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One of the most brilliant examples of European cinema that it stands worthily alongside the American movies.

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