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Les Diaboliques-Diabologynaikes (1955)

Les Diaboliques-Diabologynaikes (1955)

by 29/11/2014
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The Diabolical Ones
The Devils or The Fiends
The Devils


1 Hour and 54 Minutes (114 Min)


See it, be amazed at it, but... BE QUIET ABOUT IT!


 Case: "Les Diaboliques" tells the story of two women who collaborate to murder her husband. But after the murder the corpse of the murdered husband mysteriously disappears and various outlandish events plague the two women.

What to one prwtograpsei for one of the best movies of French cinema? What to prwtoanalysoyme for one of the smarter and anatreptikotera mystery thriller shot ever? "Les Diaboliques" great French filmmaker Henri-Georges Clouzot resemble Alfred Hitchcock film but surprisingly isn't! However it could be if the "Alfie" had already acquired the rights to the book "Celle qui n'était plus» of Pierre Boileau and Thomas Narcejac. Rumor has it that she lost for a short period of a few hours. Fortunately, however, this conclusion was not fatal since the French colleague of "Hitch" managed to create an exquisite film psychological terror that went down in history as a classic vindicating his creator.

The case revolves around two women who work for the accomplishment of a heinous act. Going to murder her husband and an even more remarkable is that the other woman was, for a time the mistress of her husband. The two "diabologynaikes" eventually carry out their mission despite some initial hesitations. But unexpected happens that will complicate the situation: the corpse disappeared! The fonisses the threw the pool of the victim's residence (which is simultaneously and internship) but no longer can not detect. And as if this were not enough, a series of strange events such as sending the victim's clothes at their apartment, they continually concern both women and threatens to splinter the seemingly perfect plan that had applied. What may be happening?

Horror Trivia

One reason the "Les Diaboliques" gained wide publicity in the media of the era and became most shocking is the death of the actress Véra Clouzot 5 years after the movie from cardiac arrest. See the movie Clouzot supposedly faced problem with her heart …

Actually the meaning mystery utilized maestrika on "Les Diaboliques" and puts the audience in the delightful game divination for what has happened. Terror fills the mystery and especially towards the final sequences takes sceptres leading film in an enviable result. Intelligent and tight scenario supported by perfectly flawless and atmospheric directed by Clouzot. The two protagonists turn out terrific chemistry as two diametrically opposite characters. The Simogne Signoret played tough and determined femme fatale being the pioneer that promotes orchestration of hideous crime. On the other lies the Véra Clouzot playing her role as indecisive and husband under which fervently wants exemption from the fascist regime of her husband, but lack mental stocks pushes it into a more passive attitude.

The monumental finale of "Les Diaboliques" with major twists can easily be classified as one of the most shocking in horror cinema, in particular as regards the element of surprise. Will probably remind trim subsequent films as the effect of "Les Diaboliques" was profound and piercing to filmmakers of suspense films like Hitchcock himself. For its time it was really far ahead but today can't not to shake even if psiliastei got the Rota you will get the movie seen.

Don't miss in any case this French diamond psychological terror. The dense atmosphere of mystery that exudes will cripple you. If your not convinces the review then wonder why the Lord of suspenseful fervently wished to acquire the rights of "Les Diaboliques". Apparently something I knew earlier we think? For the record to add that in his country the France when released did big bang attracting 3,674,380 viewers in cinemas. Natural and deserved …

Les Diaboliques

Movie Review Highlights

  • The agonizing moment of the murder of a man in a bathtub.
  • The scary photo with the murdered man to appearing in the window of his Office.
  • The subversive finale that elevates the horror and suspense!

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Maestrika written screenplay, intense atmosphere of mystery, great chemistry between the two protagonists, terrible overthrow to a grand finale.


Nothing whatsoever.

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Timeless monument of mystery and horror from the "Hitchcock" in France. Necessary the monitoring of all friends of quality psychological terror.

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