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Leprechaun: Origins (2014)

Leprechaun: Origins (2014)

by 29/09/2014
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WWE Studios


1 Hour and 30 Minutes (90 Minutes)


 Case: In "Leprechaun: Origins" a group of young people traveling in the Irish countryside until it ends up in a secluded cabin in the Woods after the suggestions of local people. But there is something very evil lurks, ready to pounce on young …

On hearing the news that the low budget film series ' Leprechaun ' will reproduced with new films from Lionsgate and WWE Studios to overcome embarrassment. On the one hand, the whole idea of remakes don't find fervent, the original film and its sequels didn't have earned anyway great appreciation within the horror audience belonging to the controversial category of B movies. What could we expect from such a venture?



Not much is truth and watching the new film titled "Leprechaun: Origins» my reservations were confirmed. In principle, the title is somewhat misleading. There are no clear links of the new film with genuine 1993 nor adequately explained some ' source '. But let's get to the most essential. The film attempts to diversify stylistically from the original films by adopting a more extreme and darker perspective. It was originally shown by the lack of comic and fantasy elements that characterized the traditional "Leprechaun" and the same "Monster" has nothing to do with that little monster kakomoytsoyno-Twitter he'd keep hanging out in earlier movies.

Actually, the "puck" of Irish folklore has turned into a wild, distorted and raging creature design reminiscent of those somewhat brutish creatures from "The Descent" (descent-2005). Additionally, the comic dialogues and monologues of the original Leprechaun have been replaced by roars of new city Monster. This is one of the major disadvantages of the "Leprechaun: Origins". The new little monster is unable to win our sympathy. The metamorphosis is complete failure.

Horror Trivia

The shooting of "Leprechaun: Origins" made in Vancouver, Canada.

After there are purely structural elements that cause concern. The script is predictable, naive and overly formal with the klisarismeno ' cabin in the Woods "pattern to appear for the umpteenth time. The young company is indifferent-except maybe the dynamic girl who deals with the Celtic culture-and generally cannot easily liking a character. Many actions of the characters are ridiculous and incomprehensible as their return to the hut to kill the monster.

Fortunately, there are at least some individual but very violent scenes with gore to be at high levels. Some tension and suspense is there, especially in action sequences, but do not imagine that I would stay and tied on your screens. The suspect role of locals that lead young people in the hut gives a few points but neither these characters have joined the plot effectively. Let's stop here but my comments on the first reboot film. The "Leprechaun: Origins ' failed – whoever was ultimately the purpose of. I prefer the original film as cheesy or ftiniariko. At least then, I was more entertained …

Leprechaun Origins

Movie Highlights

  • The creepy uprooting an earring from the language of a girl!
  • A single chop to the face … wrong target though!
  • The extirpation of the spine of an unfortunate victim!
  • An impressive – though a little naive – decapitation for the finale.

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A few exciting, dynamic and highly gory murder scenes.


Many scenario-rough with many cliches and platitudes, obnoxious monster, many jaded characters, failed permutation of style compared to the original film.

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Insipid and procheiroftiagmeno reboot of a small cult horror films of the 90s. Skip without qualms.

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