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Leprechaun-Puck (1993)

Leprechaun-Puck (1993)

A man steals the treasure of a kalikantzaroy then the latter is stalking him and calls for revenge for the theft, but immobilized and imprisoned in a box because of its unique "weapon" that can stop him: a four-leaf clover. 10 years after, a girl moves with her father at home where they are imprisoned BUGBEAR. Then the Bugbear is released and will not hesitate to kill everyone until you get back to the treasure.

Mark Jones


Jeffrey B. Mallian


Mark Jones


Warwick Davis, Jennifer Aniston, Ken Olandt, Mark Holton, Robert Hy Gorman, Shay Duffin, John Sanderford


Kevin Kiner, Robert J. Walsh

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Trimark Pictures


1 Hour and 32 Minutes (92 Min)






The Luck of the Irish..Just Ran Out!



Box Office


Body Count





It is not unlikely that one patron video clubs years ago had achieved the cartridge with the prasinomayro cover, Jennifer Aniston and the genie else Leprechaun and I think that this movie shouldn't be and very good. Will probably be glykanalati b-movie and would have ridiculous scenes, the more likely it is to renting for group viewing with friends and alcohol. Then the hypothetical customer of video clubs wouldn't have dropped out at all: The Leprechaun is a movie – fortunately – doesn't take herself too seriously and allowing us to laugh.

In Irish mythology, Bugbear is a small old man who spends his time polishing shoes and lives with the treasure at the end of the Rainbow. The legend says that if you succeed and seize a Bugbear then he realizes your three wishes in Exchange for his freedom. Not very evil compared to other mythological monsters. However the Director Mark Jones felt that a short gerakos that she walks with difficulty would be good as a horror movie actor.

The Jennifer Aniston plays the kalomathimeni prwteyoysiana that comes with her dad to live in the countryside. The House is in a tragic situation and forced to shout the local garage for repairs, which consists of the seducer Nathan, Alex the kid who is very smart for his age and Ozzy who has mental disabilities. On the exploration of home, accidentally releases the genie who begins and kills without hesitation flying left and right quotes.

Horror Trivia

The film was intended for a children's audience, but the Studio decided to change age audience and written scenes in order to increase the violence and gore.

The Bugbear of the movie is a lot like the Freddy Krueger of the past (before the "new Nightmare") series sequel Nightmare on Elm Street. IE appeared saying often cold jokes and puns and killing for fun. In our film, the Bugbear though kills because he wants his gold back, does not hesitate to assassinate and random that haven't even heard about the treasure. Another thing that is causing a problem, it's how silly the movie's characters Act. Obviously the horror movies as they usually require from the characters taking irrational decisions to advance the plot, but here is done so often and in such a degree that they just don't care about the characters. Also, such a film could compensate for the above evils offering a nice aimatoloytro but unfortunately the body count is not so tall.

The good points of the Leprechaun is the interpretation of that seems to be enjoying playing this role and Jennifer Aniston. Who believed that a career as a successful actress would start with a movie like the Leprechaun? Remarkable is the make up of the movie and I mean the whole format of kalikantzaroy.


Movie Review Highlights
  • Bugbear slashing the face of a police officer with his claws.
  • Bugbear is coming out on the streets with a baby car.


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Some of the jokes, the murders although few were enjoyable, Jennifer Aniston.


Most funny, few killings, generally bland plot.

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The Leprechaun is objectively a bad movie. Not much value to watch unless it's hardcore horror fan or group viewing for jazz.

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