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The Lazarus Effect-the return of the dead (2015)

The Lazarus Effect-the return of the dead (2015)

by 11/04/2015
"The Lazarus Effect" focuses on a scientific team that discovers a revolutionary serum who resuscitate the dead. After seizing the equipment of the company that sponsored the research and the unfortunate death of a woman from the group, the others use serum secretly and restore to life on their partner. But she returned is not their friend like knew but a very devilish figure with killing moods ...

David Gelb


Jason Blum, Luke Dawson, Matt Kaplan, Jimmy Miller, Cody Zwieg


Luke Dawson, Jeremy Slater


Mark Duplass, Olivia Wilde, Donald Glover, Evan Peters, Sarah Bolger


Sarah Schachner

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Blumhouse Productions

Γνωστή και ως


Πρωτότυπος Τίτλος



1 Hour and 23 Minutes (83 Minutes)






Evil will rise



Box Office

$26.700.000 (έως 09/04/2015)




It is from the horror movies that polydiafimistikan last year and this year and certainly than the film's entrepreneurs expect big revenue. Can the "The Lazarus Effect" goes well in theaters worldwide having already exceeded vastly his budget, but as usually happens in these cases, the quality of like horror film is inversely proportional with the commercial success.

But let's get to the main course. The title of the film essentially prepares us for the content. Initially we have the biblical narrative with Lazarus was resurrected by Jesus and was definitely some inspiration. Also the term "Lazarus syndrome" in medicine called the unexpected show signs of life by a person who was considered dead after failed attempts by doctors to save (e.g. electroshock therapy). In the history of medicine have logged close to 40 such cases. Of course the events of this film does not follow the traditional medical terminology plus add expected supernatural dimensions but also because the way he comes back to life the dead Olivia Wilde is differentiated from the definition given.

Horror Trivia

O the film's original title was simply ' Lazarus '.

Anyway, no need to get bogged down in technical details other. The premise of the film is interesting without being a radiance and originality (restores the dead with scientific methods we've seen in horror cinema). The serum that discover members of the research team initially seems to work properly, however, very soon the initial impression turns out to be wrong. The beautiful Olivia Wilde who here play the unlucky team member who died from electrocution, comes back to life after the insistence of her beloved to grant the notorious serum.

But the restoration of the carries and horrendous changes in itself. Her eyes are becoming progressively black color, behavior becomes devilish and the worst for its partners is that tilekinitikes has acquired powers with which they will start to destroy them one by one. This all sounds interesting but unfortunately the film's structure crushes original enthusiasm. Virtually all of the broth is at last 20 minutes when the resurrected Wilde starts the murderous work. Until that time the facts are boring or minimally interesting.

Generally the plot suffers from a lack of creativity and good ideas. The gore is also unexpectedly limited while some deaths as a drowning with electronic cigarette cause laughter. Generally not talking just bad movie just too far below expectations that had built. Pity for the talented actors and any noises created. If you must choose between The Lazarus Effect and The Babadook that will be screened during the same period in Greek cinemas prefer loose the second without scruples …

The Lazarus Effect

Movie Review Highlights
  • A gruesome murder where the victim is crushed inside a closet.
  • An interesting though not so unexpected revelation in the finale for his past character played by Olivia Wilde.


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Good performances, interesting hypothesis.


Delayed onset of action in particular, lack of inspiration in the script, disappointing lack of gore.

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While he had the prerequisites to Excel, "The Lazarus Effect" resembles doom player who missed the great opportunity, filling with frustrating those who believed in him. Another successful mediocrity of modern horror cinema.

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