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31 KM-Kilometre 31 (2006)

31 KM-Kilometre 31 (2006)

by 11/06/2014
In "KM 31 ' Catalina tries to help her sister being in coma after he was hit by a passing vehicle in the 31st kilometer of a provincial road. The particular mental communication between two siblings prompts Catalina to investigate the area in particular kilometer and there will come face to face with shocking discoveries about his past that sign that haunt until today.

Rigoberto Castañeda


Billy Rovzar, Fernando Rovzar, Julio Fernández


Rigoberto Castañeda


Iliana Fox, Adrià Collado, Raúl Méndez, Carlos Aragon


Carles Cases

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Lemon Films, Salamandra Films, Filmax, Salamandra Films, Santo Domingo Films

Γνωστή και ως

Kilometre 31
Χλμ 31


1 Hour and 45 Minutes (105 Min)






There are worse things than death...






If you put in the Blender "The Ring", "Ju-on", "Mirrors" and "Shutter" you get "KM 31" in Mexican delicacy that burns but too for our tastes like Mexican cuisine. To not become completely unmerited but, since the "KM 31" is older than the last two films mentioned above, you should see the Mexican this thrileraki as objectively as possible. A thriller that draws elements and from Hollywood and from the Asian horror cinema without retaining a distinct identity apart from the Spanish language. But let's look at them in more detail.

The archetype of both telepathic twins put the screenplay as a foundation on which is built a typical ghost story than we have been accustomed to the U.S. and not only cinema. A young girl, Agata as leading to a county road crashes the car a small child that popped out of nowhere. As he tries to pull the edge for what happened, in the Chit looks with Satanic style and after a while the girl drifting from a passing car to come to the hospital in a coma. Her sister Catalina who sensed the accident of Agata, hurries to the hospital and he hears the bad news. The twin sister of can be dodged death but doctors were forced to cut the legs to be saved. However, there is an even worse fate for the wretched Agata. The injured girl is trapped in the world between the living and the dead and enlists the help of her sister with whom can even communicate. The Catalina with the help of her friend and her friend's Agata explores the 31st kilometer of road where the accident occurred. There he discovers a creepy legends mesh to tragic events that happened in the past and for restless spirits who attack travelers. You will be able to save her sister and at what price?

Horror Trivia

The film is inspired by local traditions of Central and South America for ghosts of highways and mostly from the prevalent legend of La Llorona. It is the ghost of a woman who is condemned to wander for all eternity on earth because he killed her children in order to live with her lover. He rejected, however, and the woman committed suicide because of her actions are not allowed entry to another world.

As nice and listened to them all, does not escape the platitudes of ghost stories. Pictures, tromares, spots and other geytikame performances in older horror films unfold in metaphysical and "KM 31". Especially the diabolical baby "Curse" (Ju-on) you'll find it here at a Mexican Variant. The dark atmosphere and picture accompany most shots following the safe course to ensure at least the feeling of terror … and from then on we see … But you don't see much. The script is so loose and tangled that leveled a large part of the overall structure. A pity because the cast give all with serious presence. So here we saw something new, rather xenerwsame as the script evolved into Clew knot. Wonder how long will still lack inspiration of screenwriters horror films. If the non-American markets wishing to compete in Hollywood definitely should present more fresh ideas from the trite stories ghost that we have had enough over the last 10 years.

KM 31

Movie Highlights

  • The scene where the protagonist's sister opens her eyes bulging by sending us a good dose of fear.
  • The monstrous forms that appear towards the finale making events more fairytale. But some may find ridiculous.


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kilometro 31


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The traditional scary atmosphere, traditional dark photo.


Too typical and annoying labyrinthine scenario.

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Only for lovers of ghost stories and for those who don't mind the reruns of metaphysical thriller.

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