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Killer Bash-a crime that demands Vengeance (2005)

Killer Bash-a crime that demands Vengeance (2005)

by 23/09/2013
The "Killer Bash" revolves around revenge that unleashes the restless spirit of a student to the detriment of the sons of the students who were responsible for his death during a prank. This makes taking the body of a ntropalis, marginal student who from that moment transforms into social Urania!

David Decoteau


Kirk Shaw


David Decoteau, Barbara Kymlicka


Raquel Riskin, Cory Monteith, Tara Wilson, Alicia Jones, Lindsay Maxwell, Lisa Marie Caruk, Sebastian Gacki, Caz Odin Darko, Alex Caithness, Aleks Holtz, Paula Shaw ,Graham Wardle, Brandon Mills, D'Arcy Henneberry, Emery Wright

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Insight Film Studios


1 Hour and 36 Minutes (96 Min)






CAD 500.000




Oh boy! This Canadian Telefilm is playing and the worst of the decade 2000-2009. If not then definitely ranks in the top 5 worst horror films of that decade. From the first minute we understand the amateurish direction behind the film, our disappointment is intensified when we find that the case simply copies the familiar pattern "spirit that asks for justice" via a live. Chiliopaigmeno question here implemented very ineffective with kwmikotragika results. The film does not say to escape for a while from the recurring themes and throws us to face the colleges with the marionette chicks, mwrofilodoxoys goides with the brace up your bodies, the virtues in sport, and with Emmentaler cheese in place and brain … of course, the famous "fraternities" with its ridiculous ceremonies.

Horror Trivia

The film was shot in British Columbia, Canada.

Start watching a farce at the expense of College Floros (another typical character) from the "goides" of fellow students that evolved into tragedy. The oriole died but his spirit lives on and haunt the place waiting patiently to get his revenge in the future. These were made in 1975. Today the spirit occupies the body of a young girl, paragkwnismenis from friends and parents. The invasion of the spirit transforms from ugly duckling marginalised in sought-after chick psilogkothik aesthetics but also mainstream at the same time. Most boys a sovereign brotherhood go mad with it but unfortunately the awesome spirit kills them one by one with the most funny ways horror film to the extent that they cause laughter. E.g. a ' drowning ' at the time you did weights from … the bar (!!!) who sat in the neck while the stairs right next door friends that oddly didn't got wind of it until you die! Another dies from peanuts because it says ' had ' allergy to them! But what antics! But the most ridiculous are the effects of the evil spirit's reddish eye as seen from the eyes of the protagonist. Remind kakoftiagmeno alien monster from b-movie the 60s or 70s. It seems the lack of inspiration did not allow something more original neither here nor in the bass voice of corrupt spirit which replaces-fortunately a few times-the true voice of its lead causing the derision of the spectators. Of course it's easy to understand why the spirit of killing these young fraternity. We said … typikoyra as long as you don't go.

I wish to be nobody else in this martyrdom of over 90 minutes in which submitted the graphs.

Killer Bash

Movie Highlights

  • Absolutely nothing!


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Absolutely nothing!



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Definitely one of the worst horror movies of the past decade. Away from us!

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