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Kill List (2011)

Kill List (2011)

by 31/08/2016
In ' Kill List ' two professional performers undertake to kill some people who defines a mysterious employer. But as they penetrate deeper in their mission, they discover that something very scary lurks behind it and their lives are at risk.

Ben Wheatley


Claire Jones, Andy Starke


Ben Wheatley, Amy Jump


Neil Maskell, Michael Smiley, MyAnna Buring, Emma Fryer


Jim Williams

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Rook Films, Warp X, Film4 Productions, Screen Yorkshire, UK Film Council


1 Hour and 35 Minutes (95 Minutes)


United Kingdom





Box Office

$462.206 (έως 28/12/2013)




Responsible for this little surprise was Great Britain, a country which in recent years has lost its credibility as regards the piles of quality horror films. But in the case of ' Kill List ' I will look here fared just fine providing us an excellent horror film with a separate identity.

In "Kill List" starring two professional killers that their last mission is to neutralize two specific goals following the orders of the mysterious elderly employer. Initially the accomplishment of bloody work looks like child's play. However, sending an evil secret hides with dreadful consequences in the lives of the two performers.

The interesting this case was one of the major reasons that led me to see the "Kill List". After the lengthy introduction (which luckily survived) the film captures in morbid and hallucinogenic embrace not to leave to escape until the shocking finale. A creeping paranoia diffused in the surreal atmosphere built masterfully by Director. The violence and the atrocities occuring in high frequency being seamlessly integrated into the climate of hopelessness, without detriment of the atmosphere i.e..

Horror Trivia

The "Kill List" is the 5th integrated film Director Ben Wheatley.

The interpretations are capricious but certainly decent and well suited to the paradoxical image of the film. What I also liked is the choice of the film to push the Viewer to interpretative exercises for clarification of events. Not that talking about the most profound horror film we've seen but definitely "Kill List" lacks the necessary depth that will satisfy even the most ' stroke ' cinephile audience.

If I had to find stylistic similarities with other films I would say that is a melting pot of ideas that forged the mystery and horror cinema great personalities such as David Lynch and David Cronenberg with oligi by the religiosity of "The Wicker Man"-the classic 1973 film and not the latest potato with Nicolas Cage. Horror friends would do well to browse the "Kill List" it is sufficient to note that this is a difficult film that does not offer all the answers ready to plate but is requesting and activating our own interpretive capacity to reveal the charm.

Kill List

Movie Review Highlights
  • A creepy murder with consecutive hammer blows, in knee, hand and head!
  • Another violent murder where the victim's head smashed against the wall.
  • The hallucinogenic and shocking finale.


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Amazing atmosphere with high doses of paranoia and Surrealism, possible interpretations of the two killers-cast, some very violent killings, shocking ending.


The lack of answers for some questions. Also the pace until the beginning of the murderous mission of Heroes is quite slow and might tire some viewers.

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Potential thriller with intense surreal atmosphere and plenty of paranoia. One of the most notable British horror movies of recent years.

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