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Julia's Eyes-Julia's Eyes (2010)

Julia's Eyes-Julia's Eyes (2010)

by 14/04/2014
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Γνωστή και ως

Lost Eyes

Πρωτότυπος Τίτλος

Los ojos de Julia


1 Hour and 58 Minutes (118 Minutes)


You can't hide in the dark

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 Case: "Julia's Eyes" revolves around a woman who gradually loses her eyesight and simultaneously trying to unravel the mysterious suicide of her twin sister.

It is obvious even to the most ignorant that the Spanish horror cinema is in prolonged period of form in recent years offering attentive audience horror business oriented mainly to the psychological terror. The ' Julia ' s Eyes» of 2010 continues the good tradition of moving to a known and safe routes and with the name of Guillermo del Toro to produce featured prominently on store shelves and video clubs, inevitably attracting the discerning viewer who looks for quality and not ftiniarikoys horror gimmicks.

The quality certainly found in this film, although this is probably not the best work of Spanish horror scene. The excellent Belén Rueda who had excelled with her presence at The Orphanage now ' recognized ' (maybe the top Spanish horror movie of recent years) and starring here playing a tormented by an illness woman who gradually loses her eyesight. The unexpected death of the twin sister is hard to digested by the protagonist who is convinced that the day of "suicide" was not only at home but there was also another mysterious man somehow associated with the event.

The Julia tries to collect information from all available sources, the neighbors, the eye care centre where she was hospitalized, the sister hotel where he had stayed in the recent past … Her husband does not agree with the tactics of his wife causing frequent bickering. When yet he mysteriously disappears the Julia enters into an increasingly dangerous cat and mouse game with the mysterious man who looks up to is everywhere and nowhere, like a shadow that is lost in the dark. And all this while the rapidly weakening eyesight making her quest but also making her vulnerable to potential risks from the presence of the shadow men.

Horror Trivia

This is the second participation of Guillermo del Toro to Spanish film production. The first was in "The Orphanage".

There is no doubt that the case is particularly attractive and after the creepy beginning where watching the "suicide" of her sister Julia in a dark room, the film lays strong foundations for a dynamic follow-up. Certainly in the rest part we find many frightening scenes that go hand in hand with an atmosphere of mystery masterfully plasmenis up to a point. And I say to some extent because at a late stage it becomes clear the embarrassment of the script which presents obvious gaps, unjustified conveniences and characters who take irrational action out of nowhere, unneeded i.e. ideas would be best not to have existed. However judged successful technique of avoiding the appearance of features 1-2 persons with whom it comes in contact with the Julia and cultivating a climate of uncertainty about the identity of the mysterious man. Will surely wonder if eventually this shadow form actually exists or is a figment of imagination of the protagonist.

In conclusion the ' Julia ' s Eyes "is a remarkable film psychological mystery and horror at the same time, higher than many Hollywood productions about logic and let's not innovate. However, far from being the masterpiece as mark despite some interesting twists, blatantly defective parts of the script and the absurdly long limit radiation.

Julia's Eyes

Movie Highlights

  • The extremely scary start.
  • The frightening scene Julia is surrounded by blind women.
  • The sequences that the Julia played the blind trying to escape the pelt.

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Ta matia tis Julia (2010)
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Atmosphere of mystery, several eerie scenes, remarkable interpretations, original elements in the scenario, robust Director.


Bad belly from a point with unfortunate conveniences and excesses, long which can cause eye strain.

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Interesting film psychological terror, quite scary and atmospheric but also with individual weaknesses.

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