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Jennifer’s Body (2009)

Jennifer’s Body (2009)

by 09/04/2014
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Fox Atomic, Dune Entertainment

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1 Hour and 42 Minute (102 Minutes)


She's evil... and not just high school evil.



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 Case: "Jennifer's Body" focuses on the beautiful schoolgirl Jennifer that after a ceremony turns into a thirsty for human flesh demonic being. The bestie friend tries to stop it and to put an end to the bloody feast of Jennifer.

Sensual, provocative cover title, cast consisting of fresh "blood" attractive female … Anyway it's first attention-grabbing elements of this film. In "Jennifer's Body", an amalgam of horror and black comedy, watching the mutation of naziaras cheerleader Jennifer in lethal creature (something between a demon and vampire) who feeds off the flesh of young boys. The main gun with Jennifer the irresistible charm, follows the tactic of seduction and then feast of offal and other parts zoymerwn of unsuspecting victims. The transformed girl must plagues casualties at regular intervals otherwise starts weakening. In parallel the same Needy girlfriend, realizes the danger and tries to stop Jennifer before it's too late for many.

The case is not as it seems and nothing horrific. On the other hand, this does not mean that the film passes unnoticed since it certainly has some attractive elements. Arguably uses like trumps the beautiful Megan Fox but whose presence is relatively discreet and sensual scenes of a few. To say it more bulk, those who expect many sensual naked shots forget. Even so, Megan Fox and only with the presence of is impressive as many times as it takes action. The scenes of seductive beauty turns into aimodipses demonic creature is also impressive, and one of them is accompanied by large amounts of gore. The black humor and provocative one-liners of protagonist aimodipsoys include in their turn in the film's highlights while there are some truly terrifying scenes when the mutant Jennifer no longer visits for the first time the Needy with her new dark picture.

Horror Trivia

The title of the film comes from the song Jennifer's Body of rock band Hole.

However, not all so rosy as it is obvious that the film suffers from lack of ideas in many places. For example why Jennifer has now mutated into this deadly creature is very simplistic and follows trivial patterns failed magical ritual. While he was in a bar to watch a concert favourite of the band, the members of the apoplanisan and sacrificed to Satan it thinking her Virgin (as specified in ritual). But they did wrong and the thysiasmeni girl returned with a vengeance as carnivorous killing machine. Predictable is and Jennifer's attempt to seduce her boyfriend the best towards the end. Generally the plot could be much more careful, avoiding the cliches and easy, hasty solutions.

In conclusion the "Jennifer's Body" has that combination of elements that make it simply delightful horror film without reaches high levels of quality. Vampiric murders, Aimatobammenoi aesthetic, youthful air, black humor, hard modern rock music, narrative style and nice effects guarantee over 100 minutes of fun at least once. Because I personally hardly will see soon, and if I did, I bet my interest would have been reduced greatly. And that says a lot about its value.

Jennifer's Body

Movie Highlights

  • Dark scenes where Jennifer visits her bestie after his first transformation.
  • The disembowel a robust classmate of Jennifer and the eating of offal from the hungry ' bampirela '.
  • The intemperate one-liners of demonic Jennifer.

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Jennifer's Body (2009)
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Increased amounts of gore, eye-catching effects, explosive presence of Megan Fox, fun atmosphere that mutates successful in dark, good performances, nice soundtrack.


Cheesy aesthetics, existence of many cliches, several backsliding in staple piece.

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Enjoyable film that interweaves successful horror and black comedy. More work was needed, however – especially in staple piece to excite.

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