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Island of Lost Souls-the Isle of lost souls (1932)

Island of Lost Souls-the Isle of lost souls (1932)

In "Island Of Lost Souls", the ship on which the passenger, Edward Parker backfires and saves him a ship. This ship carries merchandise in the island of Dr Moreau.. After a fight with the captain of the ship, the captain throws him out of the ship and so is a guest on the island of Dr Moreau.. The Parker soon realizes that something is amiss on the island and with Dr. Moreau. The doctor is obsessed with experiments on people who relate to evolution. Has created a race of mutants people and runs with the worst way. As a prize for him has the Lota, the beautiful woman-Panther. The Parker fascinated by the woman-Panther and tries to rescue her from the evil doctor. But things get unpredictable twist ...

Erle C. Kenton


Philip Wylie, Waldemar Young


Charles Laughton, Richard Arlen, Leila Hyams, Bela Lugosi, Kathleen Burke


Arthur Johnston, Sigmund Krumgold

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Paramount Pictures

Γνωστή και ως

The Island of Dr. Moreau


1 Hour and 10 Minutes (70 Minutes)






TERROR! Stalked the Brush-Choked Island...Where Men Who Were Animals Sought the Girl Who Was All-Human!




The film is adapted from the book by H.G. Well, "The island of Dr. Moreau". The plot unfolds in the secret island of Dr Moreau (Charles Laughton) who is sensational in the role of emmonikoy, influential physician with the horrific experiments on people. Madness, ambition and the inhumanity of the doctor is unimaginable to the beings which generates. The Lota (Kathleen Burke) is excellent in her role. Innocent, sweet but also dangerous. These two characters, along with the character of Bela Lugosi, Sayer of the Law, are the ones who steal the show in the movie.

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Horror Trivia

The language that speak the mutants are a mix of the voices of animals and entertain foreign language upside down. This stunt has caused nausea in viewers who did vomit.

Ultra sets, amazing makeup, dark atmosphere. The film as a whole is well. The duration is just 1 hour and 10 minutes, without it playing a negative role in evolution. Quite the contrary. The actors interpret their roles surprisingly without being tedious or fall into the trap of excesses.


house of pain


Island of Lost Souls

Movie Review Highlights

  • The scene with real animals aboard.
  • Τhe liberating end.


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Where to start and where to end? Props, makeup, script, cast and more.



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Classic horror film that belongs in the Decade of masterpieces. We need to see someone.

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