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Island of Death-Devil's Children (1976)

Island of Death-Devil's Children (1976)

by 20/07/2015
In "Island of Death" a young couple from Great Britain traveling to Mykonos and ruthlessly kills people that man considers sinners and perverts.

Nico Mastorakis


Nico Mastorakis, Nestoras Pavelas


Nico Mastorakis


Robert Behling, Jane Lyle, Jessica Dublin, Gerard Gonalons, Jannice McConnell, Nikos Tsachiridis, Nico Mastorakis


Nikos Lavranos

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Omega Pictures

Γνωστή και ως

Cruel Destination / Island of Perversion / Psychic Killer 2 / A Craving for Lust / Devils in Mykonos


1 Hour and 48 Minutes (108 Minutes)






The lucky ones simply got their brains blown out.




Pleasure for lovers of cult horror/exploitation cinema, morbid monstrosity for devotees of kathwsprepismoy. Films "embarrassing" as the relentless "Island of Death" of our own Nikos Mastorakis is than those that divide the public. Even his friends this horror film is not self-explanatory accepted resulting observed wide variation in the scores it receives. My personal view differs sharply from his critics. Let us therefore penetrate deep inside of "children of the devil" getting a glimpse of the "sin".

As evidenced by the very clear case don't expect something tricky, complex or innovative. By the time the British pair reaches the magical Mykonos, launches a devastating succession of deadly events that often enriched with light scenes porn and additional, even more challenging and ' abnormal ' scenes.

Apart from a rare variety of inspirational, bloody killings we find ambiguous scenes like the rape and then murder the goat or the delight that showcases a sex addict Crone "klwsa" urine! Scenes that definitely provoke and shock but in no way is unmatched by the more general "disturbing" character who deliberately adopts the "Island of Death".

The censorship that he suffered, especially the mother of filmic censorship Britain where he posted as a video nasty, was the result of objectionable content though the history of horror cinema have seen significantly more challenging films that fall within the broad field of terror. Under this global perspective probably the "Island of Death" has been unjustly blamed as much by their opponents.

In "Island of Death" discern the courage and honesty of its creator who without scruples and with akomplexaristi mood filodwrei us with a ruthless "proto-slasher" in an era of greater conservatism than today. It is no surprise that becomes easily comprehensible. Really, this film looks like a sudden bomb and what astonishes most is the origin from a country where the concept of horror films and were still in their infancy.

Horror Trivia

The screenplay was written in just one week. Censorship kept the "Island of Death" banned in Britain for many years with the first totally non-censored version to the latest 2011!

Coming now to more technical questions, discern a pesimistiki atmosphere that is built from various factors such as the melancholy music, the tragic fate of the victims and the inevitably bleak future of lethal pair. The effect of the murders is decent despite the low budget. Successful is judged and the torturous slow certain murders. In many cases, i.e. the victim first immobilized with more or less violent methods and then cut the thread of life.

In other words exactly intensifies the dread from the fact that it comes gradually and not instantaneously. The couple's choice to photographing the crime against his action makes it even more shocking film. The final shock comes when we learn the true identity of the killer pair in a recital of irony. Finally who is "unnatural" and "sinner" in the island gets a completely different dimension splintering the ideological background of the bloodiest "crusade".

All this sick situation makes the occasional weaknesses such as some dialogues or interpretation to go through in second place. Did not differ significantly from the corresponding interpretations and slasher film dialogues from advanced cinematic industries such as USA.

Because you simply add, however briefly that a film shot in Greece by Greek Director could not contain and some Greek elements. Goystaroyme well with a thousand the mykonian landscape and the zeimbekies successfully enrolled in slasher "pattern of Death Island". As well as the cameo appearance of Mastorakis with an unusual look.

In conclusion, the "Island of Death" is a film with special significance for the deprived from horror material Greek Cinema. Is one of the few Greek horror film that gained substantial fame outside the borders to such an early time, even though this was sometimes negative. That earned the title of cult makes it distinct from historical perspective and not only. And they dared to directly displays concepts and taboo images (especially in Greece) turns in my humble view on … guilty pleasure.

Those who haven't seen it yet and won't the low budget sexy, without limits, give the movie a chance. The worth …

Island of Death

Movie Review Highlights
  • Rape and slaughter the goat by the husband of lethal pair.
  • The "formed" a victim to the ground and choking him with throwing paint.
  • The gunshot in the mouth of a victim with obvious sexual innuendo.
  • The morbid final sequences in which emerges the sexual splendor of a local Shepherd but also the identity of the couple!


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Bold direction, numerous inventive murders, the ruthless behavior of twin assassins, melancholic atmosphere, sporadic moments of laughter that does not deprive the sense of threat from the movie. And of course the shots of the beautiful, cosmopolitan and always dear.


The somewhat long maybe could be avoided. We also understand that for many the provocative nature of the project at a disadvantage. But not for us.

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Triumph of the cult, (s) and low budget exploitation cinema. The fact that came unexpectedly from a Greek filmmaker elevates the cult character. A delectable roller "morbidity"-punch on sensitive stomachs and brains.

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