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The Invisible Man-the invisible Man (1933)

The Invisible Man-the invisible Man (1933)

A scientist finds way to becomes invisible. Doing so, however, begins to become extremely dangerous.

James Whale


Carl Laemmle Jr.


R.C. Sherriff


H.G. Wells


Claude Rains, Gloria Stuart, William Harrigan, Henry Travers, Una O'Connor


Heinz Roemheld

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Universal Pictures


1 Hour and 11 Minutes (71 Minutes)






Catch me if you can!






In a small village, Iping, appears one evening at the Inn of the village, where a mysterious man asks for a room and food. It also asks not to be disturbed as long as stays at the Inn. The stranger is isolated in his room and rumors about him are starting to be rampant. The stranger is the scientist Jack Griffin, who has discovered how to make someone invisible, starting the experiments by him. The experiment is successful and now tries to find the antidote in order to become visible again. Of course, his motivation is not as pure a and intends to use this discovery to his own net benefit. This project tries to make away with an accomplice, Kemp, who has figured out that Griffin has now gone mad and turns to their teacher for help. With the police chasing him, Griffin will do everything not to get caught.

Excellent film, without any particular sets but with impressive atmosphere and the unique effects of the film, that of the invisible man, dominating from start to finish. Very good performances of which, in my opinion, both are the ones that stand out, that of starring somewhere between insanity and genius, the brutality and cynicism, inhumanity and the ambition and that of the owner of the Inn that is a real comedian role.

Horror Trivia

To achieve the effect of invisible man, filmmaker Rains coated in black and made shooting with the actor to in front of a black velvet background.

The topic discusses "The Invisible Man" has occasionally occupied many screenwriters and filmmakers per decades and always topical. The obsession for power, the limits of science and the limits of the scientist and his motives for each of the discovery and the purpose for which it is to use. The great man's ambition to conquer the unknown but at what cost?

The Invisible Man

Movie Review Highlights
  • The revelation of the invisible man when he pulls out his clothes.
  • The collision of a train and a car fall.


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Fast development of the film, short duration, tied extremely scenario effects for its time.


What negative you can find for such classic films?

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If someone wants to say fond of horror scene, must be seen not only this movie, but all the rest of the Decade-specific, since it formed the basis for all subsequent productions.

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