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Intruders-Intruders (2011)

Intruders-Intruders (2011)

by 12/10/2014
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Antena 3 Films, Apaches Entertainment, Canal+ España, Ministerio de Cultura, Universal Pictures International


1 Hour and 40 Minutes (100 Minutes)


The Nightmare is Real.



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 Plot: in the "Intruders" a mysterious man with no clear person attacks a boy in Madrid and a girl in London. Who is the mysterious "faceless man" and what is the relationship of two children?

Despite the presence of the always eccentric Clive Owen, the ' Intruders ' is one of the lesser known film and has gone unnoticed by many. Not that it is a hidden gem that you absolutely must come to light, but judging by the relatively recent chronology and the hype that has the actor in question, we would have expected a more vigorous promotion of the film.

It is a Spanish production that using both English and Spanish. The Owen plays the role of restless father who tries to protect his daughter from the mysterious attacks of a strange man without a face. The press invades the evenings at the home of the girl's family in London and terrifies the girl without a clear purpose. At the same time, the film shows us the same guy attacks and a small boy in Madrid who lives with his mother trying to protect her son with the help of a priest. The strange man but proves tough nut in both cases.

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Consistent with the double dash of film shooting and made in London and Madrid.

What I did initially impression on "Intruders" are charming affair. Really into eating inside you to see who is the particular attacker without face and why it acts as it acts. Dynamic incursions of the homes of two children are among the highlights of the film providing terror, suspense and action with frequent blockage and starring Clive Owen. After a point, though the film loses interest, inspiration recedes and the expected developments seal a good but no comprehensive effort.

The answers given on the identity of impersonality guy is satisfactory but not excite and for their eyrimatikotita. I also liked the alternation of two tableau in which develops the plot but the "Spanish" dashboard looks leaner than the ' London '. If you're a fan of Clive Owen and the city of soyloypioy, you should see the "Intruders" Although I don't think you will be impressed by the overall image of the film.


Movie Highlights

  • All the scenes that the mysterious man attacks the two children.
  • The agonizing scene that a workman hangs in limbo from a great height and stressful effort of Clive Owen to save him.

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Interesting case, existence of mystery about the identity of the evil, some scenes with high intensity, high action and suspense, clever montage that highlights both the dashboard even if at a given disproportionately more weight.


UPS and downs in interest, foreseeable developments for the finale.

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Interesting horror films but not anything special. The Spanish horror cinema has given us many better horror films than this.

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