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The Innocents-A Form in the browser window (1961)

The Innocents-A Form in the browser window (1961)

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Achilles, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Γνωστή και ως

The Turn of the Screw


1 Hour and 40 Minutes (100 Minutes)


Apparitions? Evils? Corruptions?



Box Office

$1.200.000 (ΗΠΑ / Καναδάς)


 Case: In "The Innocents" a young toddler two koybernanta believes that the home and children have stoicheiwthei.

deborah kerr

Deborah Kerr

I have to admit that is one of the few cases that the film goes beyond the book. First I saw the movie ' The Innocents ' and after I read the book in its original form, i.e. in English. The film has some differences from the book, "The Turn of the Screw" by Henry James a and was based more on adaptation of William Archibald, "The Innocents" in 1950 for Broadway. Very hard like a book (that of Henry James) but I will not dwell here. It's worth though, if someone goes a bit further, it read.

To revert to the film. In Victorian England, a young woman is hired as the koybernanta of the two divine after the small orphans who have been under his tutelage. Goes to the isolated House where children live to take the position. Through a series of odd events and mysterious behaviour, convinced that the home and children haunted by its predecessors. Decides, therefore, to exorcise these spirits and to rescue children from the risk that the wraps.

Horror Trivia

In an article in USA Today, the Guillermo Del Toro on voted as one of the six most popular of horror movies. The Francois Truffaut, believes "The Innocents," as the best British film ever since Hitchcock has gone to the Americas.

Movie with awesome atmosphere, showing few, implies more. The Deborah Kerr in the role of koybernantas (Miss Giddens) is stunning, giving the role a tragic. Her love for children and the fact that he is a deeply religious person because of the priest's father, make it exceeds the fear of and emerges as a heroine. The two small children, (Martin Stephens and Pamela Franklin as Miles and Flora), their role is just amazingly mixing innocence with wickedness and falsehood. Housekeeper House (Megs Jenkins as Mrs Grose), in my opinion, plays an important role, since it is the one that unfolds the tangle of mystery.

"The Innocents" is a movie that leaves a lot of things in the imagination of the Viewer. I believe that is the definition of "pure terror". Everyone can interpret it as he realises the facts and this is the beauty of the movie. Majestic atmosphere, terror, mystery and implied through all these reflected the nature of man. The desire for life, the unselfish love, religion, faith, the battle of the good with the bad, all given in a maestriko manner really immersive.

Let me say, I don't know if you agree with me, but I think this film has affected the movie "The Others" (2001) as an idea. My own suggestion is to see the ' The Innocents ' carefully and then give your own explanation.

 Deborah Kerr

The Innocents

Movie Highlights

  • The appearance of spirits.
  • The atmosphere of terror throughout the duration of the film.

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The impressive atmosphere and the flawless execution of the roles of the actors.


The fact that some points remain somewhat unclear, but again the film is food for thought.

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Excellent horror atmosphere, strong scenes and performances, a film that should see someone and to revise his view about the psychological terror tapes.

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