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Ilsa, She Wolf Of The SS-Ilsa, she-Wolf of the SS (1975)

Ilsa, She Wolf Of The SS-Ilsa, she-Wolf of the SS (1975)

by 12/05/2014
The "Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS" focuses on the abhorrent and inhumane experiments conducted by the sadistria General Director of a Nazi concentration camp against captive women, aiming to show that women bear more pain than men, and to promote to the front.
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1 Hour and 36 Minutes (96 Min)


The most dreaded Nazi of them all!
Even the SS feared her!
A different kind of X.


This cult film Canadian origin holds an important status in the history of "Nazi exploitation film" (or simply "Nazisploitation") being one of the most infamous in space. Essentially this is a continuation of a tradition of films that discussed the ill-treatment of detainees (often with sexual content) in Nazi concentration camps. But things are even more interesting after starring juicy, hard and sexy Dyanne Thorne, who had made a career and as a model for magazines with erotic orientation as well as a showgirl in Las Vegas.

In "Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS" Thorne impersonates the Ilsa, a dominant and nymfomani General Director of a Nazi POW camp where conducted various BDSM scientific experiments under the supervision of inmates victims. Its purpose is to demonstrate that women endure more pain than men should therefore be used as soldiers in front. At the same time possessed of an insatiable thirst for men with the result that syneyrisketai sexually with prisoners.

As is obvious, this sick film of witnessing many scenes which characterizes violence, sadism and the nude. The insanely experiments conducted at the expense of the unfortunate women cause shock and shudders. And how could it have been otherwise when these include penetrations electrified, Shaker mercilessly bloody lashes, brasmoi in bathtubs and varied even inhumane actions. Generally the case (assuming that there is such) moves into two main blocks: the drama of the unfortunate women who are subject to brutal experiments on the one hand and the sexual games of Ilsa with prisoners of the camp, and especially with a masculine xanthomalli American on the other.

Horror Trivia

For the role of Ilsa initial thoughts veering in charming television star Phyllis Davis known mainly for its participation in dramatic television series "Vega $", which was played on American television in the period 1978-1981.

There isn't much that can be added to the film. If you're a fan of sexploitation class will probably love it, if not you can hardly find it interesting as a movie and you will probably be sick. The interpretations are mixed with some more convincing than others, but definitely not as poor, nay. The effects on the rich gore is quite good for the time. The pace of the film tolerable ranges being neither too fast nor too slow and are positive that at least do not feel boredom in bulk.

From a historical standpoint the film is considered a milestone in the subcategory of and probably rightly so after exploits to the full the rejuvenation of the terrible form of Ilsa and it is no coincidence that followed several sequel where the same actor portray a sadistic form but to a different field, such as Arabic or harems in the Gulags of the Soviet Union of the Stalinist period. However, the film is not so far removed from reality after similar nature atrocities have occurred in several Nazi camps and "Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS" is the unpleasant reminder of a particularly heinous image of human history. It is said that the character of Ilsa is inspired by Ilse Koch, the sadistria guard and wife of a commander of the Nazi concentration camps. This reasoning has a relative value as a film but don't expect much qualitatively. Just enjoy the explosive Thorne in a cult role nailed in mind for a long time.

Ilsa She Wolf Of The SS

Movie Highlights

  • A creepy castration at the beginning of the film in which it participates and Ilsa herself! You see it and pain together with the unlucky victim!
  • The grisly slashing of the throat of a guard with the blood to flow plentiful!
  • The sick scene that a senior SS officer enjoys the "nectar" of Ilsa aidiasmenis. This scene is probably the most shocking throughout the whole movie, even from the torture scenes.
  • Ilsa herself across the wonderful performance he gives as a cruel bitch and juicy during gynaikara at the same time!

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Much gore, creepy torture, striking protagonist.


Possible loss of "measure" in torture and extreme scenes, kitsch aesthetic, moderate interpretations, moronic affair.

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Very important films in the sexploitation films subcategory. Like the movie of course has obvious weaknesses and cannot become sympathetic to the general public. But to satisfy friends of extreme cinema.

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