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Howling II: Your sister Is a Werewolf-Werewolf woman (1985)

Howling II: Your sister Is a Werewolf-Werewolf woman (1985)

The film continues after the events of the original The Howling (1981). After the transformation of Karen White in werewolf and her death in the air, Ben, refusing to believe what happened to his sister approached by Stefan, a mysterious man who confesses that his sister actually became a werewolf and besides human kind is in danger after the immortal Queen of werewolves, Stirba, returned to Earth and has plans to conquer. To save the mankind must travel to distant Transylvania ...

Philippe Mora


Grahame Jennings


Robert Sarno, Gary Brandner


Gary Brandner


Christopher Lee, Annie McEnroe, Reb Brown, Marsha Hunt, Sybil Danning, Judd Omen


Stephen W. Parsons

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Hemdale Film Corporation

Πρωτότυπος Τίτλος

Howling II: Stirba – Werewolf Bitch


1 Hour and 31 Minutes (91 Min)


USA, United Kingdom




Nightmares never die.




In The Howling is a film Foundation of sorts that is characterized by the spectacular directed by Joe Dante, tight script and amazing special effects that would be much more famous if not had the misfortune to fall in the same year that came out in theaters in An American Werewolf in London. With such an "ancestor" and with the trend that generally prevails in the horror movie, the chances of the sequel can stand and not many. With alternate title Howling II: Stirba – Werewolf Bitch, hopes for something serious was decreasing dramatically, but the presence of Christopher Lee causes each van to ticked at least this effort.

The film begins with the funeral of Karen, in which Ben o brother know Jenny, a co-worker of Karen, like Stefan who recommended as an investigator of the supernatural and the occult. The Stefan tells Ben that his sister was were something that Ben of course refuses. The video shows Stefan documentary with his sister to transform something that Ben refuses to believe. When he catches him red-handed Stefan tries to kill his sister already has transformed into werewolf then persuaded and put at the disposal of Stefan. Together they decide to go to Transylvania to deal with an immortal Stirba Queen of werewolves who has plans for world domination. Reaching the Balkan city, roam within a local Carnival and encountering many obstacles until eventually meet Stirba and her companions where you wrestle with the fate of humanity hanging by a thread!

Horror Trivia

The Christopher Lee when he teamed up with Joe Dante (The Howling original Director) in the film Gremlins, sorry I asked participated in Howling II.

howling 2 horror sexy

Who has the guts boys?

Although the film is supposed to be a continuation of the original, only the looks is in the title and in that supposedly there are werewolves. Up to half of nothing seems to work. The acting ability of actors is nonexistent and even Christopher Lee is far below his potential. The dialogues between the characters are aboloi and sometimes nonsensical, and although the plot is relatively sufficient to keep all the movie flows much more slowly than I had playing with the viewer's patience.

Nevertheless, something magical happens in the second half of the film. The Director reasonably seeing how bad comes out the whole effort, accepts his fate and decides to have fun with the project. So seeing them all, nude scenes, lykanthrwpika, Fathom Stirba besides were also has magical abilities, somewhere in there and tangle something local Ghouls and God with the devil, creating an explosive mix of film, with a frenetic pace that is so crazy and meaningless that you can't take his eyes from above. Obviously the sex appeal of Stirba who impersonates the extremely sexy Sybil Danning, is the attraction of the film as a scene in the rending her blouse revealing her breasts, repeated 17 times in credits. Suddenly the bad acting is enjoyable and the kitsch song written especially for the movie by irritating your now hangs in the head.

The Howling II is not at all good movie, didn't think to appreciate the casual viewer and many horror fans will be disappointed by how little role playing Werewolves in a film that supposedly is for them. Characteristic is that there is no pure Transfiguration scene something that is necessary in every werewolf movie that respects herself.

Howling II

Movie Review Highlights
  • Orgy with the werewolves is something rarely seen.
  • A scene in which a head explodes (is the only gory point).


howling christopher lee howling 2 still howling 2 mistress howling 2 werewolf howling 2 woman


howling stirba howling 2 poster


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Things you will appreciate of friends film goodbad as mixing the werewolves, vampires, witchcraft and of course how mad is what happens in the second half of the film.


Gore's absence, the interpretations are very wooden, you could fit some jokes to lighten the movie since it was clear that the grave does not go.

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Wouldn't ever suggest to anyone who is not a fan of the style of bad b-movies, isn't even good enough to be included in this category and if it wasn't the fuck it mentality of the second half, it would be a serious candidate for worst sequel a good original.

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