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The Howling (1981)

The Howling (1981)

by 24/08/2014
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AVCO Embassy Pictures, International Film Investors, Wescom Productions


1 Hour and 31 Minutes (91 Min)


Imagine your worst fear a reality



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 Case: "The Howling" revolves around a news presenter, which after a very traumatic and near-miss deadly encounter with a serial killer, goes for ' psychotherapy ' in a strange outdoor community outside the city. There will come to shocking discoveries about the area and its inhabitants.


One of the most famous and controversial horror films with werewolves are "The Howling" that sprang up at the dawn of the 80s, contributing to the overall madness with lykanthrwpikes movies that prevailed at that time. The talented Joe Dante (Director of legendary "Gremlins"), transmuting into film through several fruitful changes an older 1977 novel written by Gary Brandner, managed to build a project that is considered justifiable from the top in this subcategory.

"The Howling" begins atmospheric exuding a mysterious atmosphere where we receive the first lykanthrwpikes notes via television presentations and sketches. The most basic startup scene is to attack the Karen White (Dee Wallace), a news presenter in a store of erotic movies from a serial killer. The Karen participated in the plan to arrest criminal who had organized police and fortunately for the same policemen arrived on time to the place of rendezvous, killing the murderer. However, Karen after the incident suffering from selective amnesia and terrible nightmares. To deal with escapes to help Waggner Dr psychiatrist who counsels be installed temporarily in a wooded part outside the city under the name "Colony" where others ' patients '. The Karen goes to the ' colony ' with her husband but there will discover that something is amiss. Strange sounds from the Woods, Wolf Howls and various coincidences haunt her stay. Soon I found that nightmares become reality.

Horror Trivia

In the film there is also a cameo appearance of huge Roger Corman. Is the man who expects to use the payphone after Dee Wallace.


"The Howling" first and foremost has the advantage that it is ambient from the beginning. The mystical atmosphere not hardly ever leaves the film, instead space the Karen remains with her husband in outdoor "Colony" (the bulk of the film i.e.) strengthens more and more. A little dark wooded landscapes, little Wolf Howls from the depths of the forest, little eroticism, little mysterious characters embroiled in the lives of the couple and we enter into attractive climate of the film. At the same time, the film moves to a smaller space and on second Board, this city where both partners of Karen from channel trying to learn more about the original murderer and lykanthrwpwn in General, until their discoveries will bring them to the bizarre environment of "Colony" to save the Karen.

"The Howling" Apart from the charmingly dark atmosphere also contains two monumental scenes transformations into a werewolf, which even today does not seem to easily find competitors. The scenes of violence isn't a lot but is not there the value of "The Howling". The klisarismena patterns around the legend of werewolves are not missing but doesn't annoy at all after the pleasant flow of the film absorbs the spectator. The charming female presences of Dee Wallace and Elisabeth Brooks in starkly contrasting roles add another captivating touch to the film. The finale is simply staggering with his dramatic images to represent the perfect capstone to this laudable effort of Joe Dante.

The spin quality horror films with themes the werewolves is not an easy undertaking. But the skill and inventiveness of the Director together with the decisive contribution of the actors in the whole spectacle of "The Howling" offer a great film which combines emotion with the lykanthrwpia and terror.


Movie Highlights

  • The cult scene where two of the protagonists making love next to fire during the night while lykanthrwpika are transformed into beasts in the light of the full moon. The scene at some point rendered with cartoon and oddly blends seamlessly with the overall picture.
  • The stunning transformation of a member of the ' Community ' in Werewolf in front of surprised and Karen katatromagmeni. Really unbeatable!
  • The dramatic finale shocking …

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Dark and menacing atmosphere, many scenes and suspense anthology.


Perhaps some might want a little more gore and more fast paced.

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Classic film in a subcategory of lykanthrwpwn with strong reputations in the horror genre in General.

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