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Howl (2015)

Howl (2015)

by 28/09/2016
In "Howl" passengers of a train leaving London faced with Werewolves when the train that was carrying them immobilized in wooded province under the light of the full moon.

Paul Hyett


Ed King, Martin Gentles


Mark Huckerby, Nick Ostler


Ed Speleers, Sean Pertwee, Holly Weston, Shauna Macdonald, Elliot Cowan, Rosie Day, Calvin Dean, Duncan Preston, Ross Mullan


Paul E. Francis

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Starchild Pictures


1 Hour and 29 Minutes (89 Minutes)


United Kingdom




Last train. Full moon. All change.




For the particular horror film from Great Britain had reservations but some expectations. The case was attractive you see … Werewolves were besieging a night train passengers in the Woods. Was a little "Dog Soldiers" (2002) with replacement of home by train and from there a little the night with the always fascinating but terrifying full moon, a little classic lykanthrwpoy monster that always considered especially prestigious, exercised a mysterious attraction on me.

Of course any expectations quickly thrymmatistikan watching the first 30 minutes of "Howl". The problems with the interpretation, character building and scenario made their appearance early. Then came the procheiroftiagmenoi Werewolf (with few exceptions) highlights the faulty image of the film.

This does not mean that the monitoring of "Howl" is impossible. Just can not do anything more than to shake up sporadically with the many action scenes and suspense that contains many litres blood escort. In other words the project strictly recommended to the faithful followers of lykanthrwpwn although I'm sure none of them would not place it in remarkable movies his Lycanthropy.

Horror Trivia

The Sean Pertwee who here plays the train driver, had starred in another British horror film with Werewolves. Of course we are talking about the awful "Dog Soldiers" of 2002.

The ' Howl ' are greater than many movies-modern horror cinema's frustrations. And it is certainly a good thing to come out horror movies with Werewolves as this category not represented by plenty of titles. But we need more effort by the filmmakers who deal with this issue if they do not want their work to be forgotten quickly leaving no matter the thirsty for quality horror movies audience.


Movie Review Highlights
  • The tearing and deadly attack on a werewolf who is crushed by successive blows fire extinguisher.
  • The agonizing effort a man to mend the train having walked from down on the rails the time approaching the werewolf.
  • The dramatic finale that takes care to render justice.


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Lots of action with many moments of suspense and rich gore, ideal environment for victims trapped and attacked lykanthrwpwn, dramatic ending.


Some weak performances, indifferent, poorly designed characters werewolves, lack of boldness in directing, promiscuous and procheirogrammeno script.

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Mediocre film with Werewolves directed exclusively to fans of this idiom. The rest pass. ..

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