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Housebound (2014)

Housebound (2014)

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1 Hour and 47 Minutes (107 Min)


NZD 350.000


 Case: In "Housebound" Kylie Bucknell is forced to return to her family after court order because of delinquent behavior. But something is unbearable for a Kylie and must live with the mother who feels silly and rambling. In all her mother believes that their House is haunted something that Kylie can not accept and believes her mother has gone too far with the nonsense. But within a short period of time begins to hear strange noises at home and experiencing bizarre situations. All this really happen or is it has inherited her mother's imagination too sensitive?

When someone decides to make a really good movie, there is no failure. Excellent movie from New Zealand. It combines comedy, horror, suspense and mystery. Highly structured script, many comic moments that don't become ridiculous, appropriate doses of mystery and horror throughout the film. There are many twists in the script which helps so you don't make the abdomen and not fall into the trap of cliches.

Horror Trivia

The Fangoria graduated with 3 out of 4 skulls.

I had years to see such a cleverly contrived film, with fast evolution, incredible characters and atmosphere that invites. All the actors are really amazing but that, in my opinion, steals the show, is the naive mother. The duration of the film's easier and there are no gaps in the plot.


Movie Review Highlights

  • The protagonist of the scene in the basement.
  • Childhood Teddy bear.
  • The penultimate scene.

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The twists in the film scenario.



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Excellent movie that should not go unnoticed. See anyway. I personally at the best of the year.

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