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House On Haunted Hill-the Tower of ghosts (1959)

House On Haunted Hill-the Tower of ghosts (1959)

In "House On Haunted Hill ', an eccentric millionaire arranges for the wife of a party in a haunted house. Therefore invites five people strangers to spend the night at the haunted house. If you stay till the morning inside the House but alive, it will take everyone from 10,000 USD.

William Castle


William Castle, Robb White


Robb White


Vincent Price, Carolyn Craig, Elisha Cook, Carol Ohmart, Alan Marshal, Julie Mitchum, Richard Long, Leona Anderson, Howard Hoffman


Richard Kayne
Richard Loring
Von Dexter

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

William Castle Productions

Γνωστή και ως

The House on Haunted Hill, Ο Πύργος Φάντασμα

Πρωτότυπος Τίτλος

House On Haunted Hill


1 Hour and 15 Minutes (75 Minutes)






Acclaimed The Super-Shocker Of The Century!



Box Office





Another movie that has been adapted, but also has affected many others have the same issue, the haunted houses. But this movie has a script, good horror scenes, is fast, does not tire, has an unexpected end and above all the one and only, starring Vincent Price. Amazing as always, in the role of eccentric millionaire whose money can achieve everything. Calls on five different people at home, the home's owner, a columnist, a pilot, a young servant and a psychiatrist. Common element of all, they need money, each for its own reasons. Are invited to spend the night locked in the House which have become barbarians murders and is inhabited by ghosts.

Horror Trivia

The Alfred Hitchcock influenced by the resonance of the film to the public created his own low-budget movie, Psycho (1960). The external shots of the House where it is closed the characters portray the historic Ennis residence House in California. This House is situated in the Mayan Temple models and was built in 1924 by renowned American architect Frank Lloyd Wright

Flawless psychological terror in a haunted house that has all those characteristics that make it scary. Screams and cries, dark atmosphere, playing with shadows and many others that you'll find for myself. The effects for the year, 1959 remix, is excellent. The actors are amazing in their roles without the paratrabane. The film rolls without the viewer understands it. And so we arrive at the unexpected end …

House On Haunted Hill

Movie Review Highlights
  • The end of the film.
  • The second scary scene of young servant.


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Quick plot, the excellent cast of actors and the outstanding effects.



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The Vincent Price gives his best in a delightfully scary movie. Deserves attention any lover of horror films, mystery and suspense.

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