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The House Of The Devil (2009)

The House Of The Devil (2009)

by 16/12/2014
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MPI Media Group, Constructovision, RingTheJing Entertainment, Glass Eye Pix


1 Hour and 35 Minutes (95 Minutes)


Talk on the phone. Finish your homework. Watch T.V. DIE!

Box Office

$101.215 (έως 27/05/2010)


 Case: To The "House Of The Devil" revolves around an adekari student who undertakes to make babysitting in a secluded home away from the city. But that ignores the homeowners intend to sacrifice to Satan …

Loose the best horror film of Ti West until today. In "The House Of The Devil" the remarkable American filmmaker decides to do something foolhardy and original. The great idea behind this effort is the creation of a film that stylistically, stylistically and fact would look like with film of the 1970s and 1980s to an extent that you cannot understand that this is a movie that was filmed in 2009! The result vindicated him completely!

The theme of the film is pumped from the panic that dominated the 1980s, initially in the US and later in other countries about the alleged widespread practice of satanistikwn rituals that were responsible for many reported cases of assault, abduction and killings. Though these reports proved to be false in their overwhelming majority, certainly can be an ideal feedstock for a horror film. This made the Ti West and handed us a wonderful and very scary film in an era of uncertainty for the horror genre.

Central figure of "The House Of The Devil" is a young student who lack the money to seek work as a babysitter in a House remote from the town resident, very close to a cemetery. Unfortunately for the student the wacky owners do not purport to give work to the sacrifice to Satan and Satanists are active themselves. I managed to survive?

Horror Trivia

The film in the context of the promotion was released in limited edition VHS version, a move in line with the vintage logic that follows.

Admittedly the experiment that attempts here our Ti taxideyontas West into those legendary decades for the horror cinema is successful. Various techniques are used maestrika for this purpose. Initially using 16mm film gives "The House Of The Devil ' a retro image, stylistic old-fashioned. The proswpokentrikos orientation of the camera with the zoom on the characters is also a traditional technique of horror films of the 70s and 80s in which continued. In addition the appearance of opening and end credits with yellow color on "frozen" images is a technique of those decades.

Also the fashion and material culture reflect clearly in the 1980s. The psilokabala pants, the tufted hair with bouncy curls, the protagonist's Walkman, cars that are presented and the pop songs that sound is incontrovertible testimonies of the 80s. Occult tone from the other catches flawlessly ' occult ' 70s character.

Since then he has achieved satisfactory for our transfer back to the recent past, we can evaluate the events of the film. Well and in this area has done a very good job. From the moment that the heroine is left alone at home built a pungent atmosphere of threat and terror. The unknown of the spaces of the House causes shudders. The absence and the undefined position of the devious pair from the moment they leave the House feeling intensifies the dread that gradually overwhelms us. Expected Wed-a-Tet of the heroine with the satanistiki family offers several doses of shock, suspense and blood. The hair-raising finale seals exquisite the crushing turbine sokaristikwn events.

Apart from a few glitches in the scenario, especially towards the final sequences of collision of the two sides, "The House Of The Devil" is an excellent horror film that acts as a bridge from the past to the present. As cliché as it may sound it's a horror movie "to remember the old, and to learn the new ' …

The House of the Devil

Movie Review Highlights

  • An unexpected and frightening shot in the head a anypopsiastoy victim.
  • The intoxicating scene the heroine dancing inside the House of Satanists listening from walkmans of the song "One Thing Leads To Another" (1983) by The Fixx.
  • All gory scenes from the beginning of the satanistikis ritual and then.

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Totally successful revival of climate and atmosphere of the 70s and 80s, frightening atmosphere inside the House of Satanists, excellent performances, dynamic scenes towards the end with ideal accompaniment music that amplifies terror.


Some absurdities senariakoi towards the final sequences. Also some might find the evolution a bit slow.

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Excellent horror film and one of the most remarkable of the modern era. Especially fans of the occult 70s and 80s immortal and generally those who are well familiar with the terror of those decades will kateycharistithoyn.

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