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Honeymoon (2014)

Honeymoon (2014)

by 26/10/2014
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1 Hour and 27 Minutes (87 Minutes)


After the ceremony comes the ritual.


 Assumption: The ' Honeymoon ' focuses on a couple niopantroy stay in a hut in the forest that soon evolves into a nightmare when the woman mysteriously wanders into the Woods one night and returns completely different.

It is true that while listening to the first good reviews for the independent "Honeymoon" during the first screenings at various film festivals around the world, I had uploaded a somewhat bullish my expectations. Certainly attracted the presence of Rose Leslie who most met through the epic series of ZOOLANDER "Game of Thrones" as dire toxobolo.

Nice Skotseza so starring in this unusual psychological thriller playing on Bea, a happy newlywed girl who goes to her father's cottage with her beloved husband on honeymoon. The House is isolated in the forests of Canada with only minimal facilities nearby. From the first evening it seems that something is amiss. Strange lights appearing momentarily out of the window of the House. The next night it happens something far more unsettling. The Bea wandering alone in the Woods, as if sleepwalking. The anxious man finds naked in shock and brings home.

Horror Trivia

The Director of the film chose Rose Leslie as protagonist having impressed by her performance in the "Game of Thrones".

The next few days the couple's happiness is disrupted by some strange events. The Bea not behaving strangely, he remembers almost nothing about what happened that night. Also seems to forget simple everyday activities like the rush of coffee. Even more troubling is the appearance of sores on her body that spread mysteriously. So what happened that night that the Bea roamed the Woods? Will enable the husband to relieve the difficult situation in which klonizontas finds itself simultaneously and his own mental balance?

Although the issue of "cabin in the Woods" has been played many times in horror cinema, in "Honeymoon" foisted a little differently, thanks mainly to the bizarre and unusual scenario. The characters are just four, but two – the newly wed couple – they are the ones that cover the bulk of the film. Their interpretations are valuable and realistic dialogues. The dramatic turn that takes the film from the middle and after he manages to grab the viewer causing stress and anxiety, creating at the same time and tend to mantepsies about what happens.

The answer that gives the "Honeymoon" is original but imperfect, only partially satisfying. Where I had to pay greater importance, the creators did a little sea serving ideas drafts and unfinished. A pity because with more attention to these important details we could talk about a really good horror film that will substantially surpassed by clutter. Even so, however, stands out pleasantly.


Movie Highlights

  • The deafening and eerie sound that sounds during the night around the hut.
  • A creepy man drowning in nearby Lake after they tied an anchor to his feet!

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Interesting scenario with 1-2 welcome firsts, convincing performances from the cast, beautiful photography, dramatic evolution that shocker.


Incomplete development of two of the four characters, drafts and poorly executed "explanations"-revelations.

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Sufficient film psychological terror with some interesting but poorly executed surprises.

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