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Hellraiser (1987)

Hellraiser (1987)

by 04/10/2014
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Clive Barker's Hellraiser


1 Hour and 34 Minutes (94 Minutes)


Demon to some. Angel to others.
It will tear your soul apart.
Satan's done waitin'.
He'll tear your soul apart.



Box Office

$14.564.027 (έως 22-09-2012, ΗΠΑ)


 Case: In "Hellraiser" an unfaithful spouse meets in the attic of her house in the form of dead former husband and tries to help him escape with integrated body of a peculiar world where demons had been imprisoned.

Perhaps the best directorial work of Clive Barker. The prolific horror writer decided to take matters into his own hands and directed his own book The Hellbound Heart that we have experienced and loved with the imposing title of "Hellraiser". O Barker takes us into a nightmarish world of pain, pleasure and imagination through a movie quite different from what we used until then. Alongside established another super villain in horror flicks that heard the name Pinhead, the leading figure of demonic Cenobites.

The story unfolds in the new home of Larry (Andrew Robinson) and his second wife Julia (Clare Higgings) where they move hoping to a better future. Often dense and accept visits from Larry's teenage daughter, Kirsty (Ashley Laurence) which doesn't seem to polysympathei her stepmother. Before they've seen in beginning a man buys from an exotic seller a strange box-puzzle that when put into operation with ceremonial style, starts tearing the flesh, sending him into a world of pain and pleasure, froyroymenoy by demons Cenobites.

Horror Trivia

Considerable success has experienced the ' Hellraiser ' and in the box office with $ 14,564,027 revenue from a budget of approximately $ 1,000,000. Of course the success brought the expected sequels (8 please!) of unequal quality though.

Sometime the script connects the two stories with the mysterious man who disappeared to eventually be the villain named Larry's brother Frank and is drapetepsei by the sadistic world of weird cube. Additionally we are going to come back with rigor in life (though quite deformed) when the blood of his brother revives his body but is in an unfinished state and needs human blood to come back fully. The evil role conveyed the unsuspecting takes Julia and former mistress of Frank But how long will they keep hidden the secret the Julia and Frank? And how will the Frank hiding from the Cenobites?

On this complex but appealing scenario creates his film the Clive Barker having at its disposal a valued cast with hard work and lots of freshness. There are memorable scenes anthology as Frank's first appearance after re-invigorate of the blood of his brother in the attic where the remarkably convincing effect that seeing film of the 21st century rather than of 1987. A pity, however, that the quality of special effects sequences plummets in the final. There's the seductive Clare Higgings performing flawlessly the role of achortagis spouse who does not hesitate to arrive at the murder in order to feel the joys of hidden lover brought him into the world of the living.

There are, of course, and the eerie Cenobites whose presence lends a highly metaphysical tinge to the film by entering and touches of sadomasochism. The prominent Pinhead with pale bald head full of gruesome needles undoubtedly dominates the landscape, building his own legend in the scene of horror. If Barker shunned some naive ideas towards the finale and improve the effects, then you were talking rather masterpiece. But undoubtedly the "Hellraiser" remains a great horror fantasy film with great historical value as it gave a refreshing wind on stage in a time of uncertainty. Of course, one is the phrase with which to close this review: He'll tear your soul apart …


Movie Highlights

  • The scene of the first appearance of Frank where the formation of an incomplete body accompanied by extreme effects.
  • Of course the Cenobites and Pinhead specifically established as undeniable cult figure in the field of terror.
  • The chase of Kirsty young from a giant skwlikoeides monster in the enclosed space of a wall-corridor.

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Fresh and original idea, bold direction, lavish bloodshed, good performances, spectacular and original demons spearheaded by legendary Pinhead.


After a few imperfections, some insufficient effect toward the end of the project.

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The first and best Hellraiser horror film franchise which showed yet another classic horror film evil.

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