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The Haunted Airman-Spooky (2006)

The Haunted Airman-Spooky (2006)

by 06/07/2015
"The Haunted Airman" revolves around an injured British air force pilot who was hospitalized in a distant, eerie hospital and gradually loses his mind.

Chris Durlacher


Chris Durlacher


Chris Durlacher


Dennis Wheatley


Robert Pattinson, Rachael Stirling, Julian Sands


Daniel Pemberton

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής


Γνωστή και ως

The Haunting of Toby Jugg


1 Hour and 8 Minutes (68 Minutes)


United Kingdom




What exists beyond the twilight will haunt him forever...




A mixture of thriller, horror and drama. These are the basic ingredients of "The Haunted Airman", a British BBC production, intended for television and with duration not exceeding 70 minutes. Spearhead the male Idol of koritsopoylwn who worshipped the ' Twilight ', the uncool Robert Pattinson. The subdued Pattinson played a pilot in the RAF who after a serious injury during the second world war moved to a distant hospital in the British province. The former pilot is confined to a wheelchair and undergoing the necessary treatment, physical and psychological.

However, his stay is not so pleasant. The disturbing hallucinations, secondly the suspect and repressive role of the doctor, transform his life to martyrdom with uncertain outcome. Often the protagonist tormented through his nightmares from disturbing images of war and the bombing of German cities where participated. No night is not for him quiet after when mysterious whispers, when creepy spiders the bully more aggravating his mental condition. Some moment arrives and his aunt (the only relative alive) in hospital but the nightmare doesn't seem to end.

toby airman

Horror Trivia

What film is a simplified metaphor of the book ' The Haunting of Toby Jugg "great writer of thrillers and occult novels Dennis Wheatley.

All this may sound interesting, but believe me, the film is both plodding and Visual that will leave you tired and will disappoint you. The interpretations are sluggish and neither indifferent attendance of Julian Sands (Leaving Las Vegas, A Room with a View, etc.) fixes the defective image. Few tromares that we purchase from our position and despite the dark picture inside the building, the film fails to look menacing. Here of course there may be objections as "The Haunted Airman" airs occasionally on the Internet as drama and probably should be assessed as such but it is not unlikely to encounter and on the bench for the thriller of a video club.

Certainly "The Haunted Airman" trying to look scary out threads unsuccessfully manages (creepy spiders, eerie whispers etc), so I do not think that our criticism. No need to write more but for a particularly boring telemovie. Luckily that was not any longer because the boredom would become irritability. The end is utterly disappointing and there is a grotesque attempt to Freudian psychoanalysis within the film …

The Haunted Airman

Movie Review Highlights
  • The night attack of a gang of spiders on the wretch the pilot.
  • Viewing a live inside the coffin. Ah kaimene Pattinson, what you're taking and not the martyras …


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Dark photo, sporadic tromares, claustrophobic atmosphere.


Excruciatingly slow, problematic script, disappointing finale.

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Only for kapsoyres with Robert Pattinson. The others start from now the yawns.

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