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Hatchet-the Chopper (2006)

Hatchet-the Chopper (2006)

by 29/10/2014
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ArieScope Pictures, High Seas Entertainment, Radioaktive Film

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Hatchet: Old School American Horror


1 Hour and 25 Minutes (85 Minutes)


Old school American Horror / Terror Goes Old School / Stay out of the swamp.



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 Assumption: The ' Hatchet ' revolves around a motley group of tourists who are victims of a bloodthirsty and mangled slaughterer swamplands of Lousiana.

hatchet 2006 review 5Ok, I didn't expect in any case of innovations from the ' Hatchet '. Indeed "the Chopper", as is the Greek title describing precisely this time the foreign name, contains all the formalities and the chiliopaigmena cliché found in slasher phylum with the difference that tries to diakwmwdisei, not always with successful way. Apart from the slasher, the film belongs to the field of comedy, a genre to which often turn the horror films of the modern era seeking diversification and their appointment through the pile.

The "Hatchet" introduces a new slaughterer-evil, monstrous Victor Crowley, in an attempt to establish another horror icon in the scene of horror. Though any comparison with the sacred monsters of the past is sacrilege, the hulking character he winning some impressions and is the number one reason to deal with the project. The murders carried out by Crowley is incredibly violent and handled through an inexhaustible variety of bloody methods. Diamelismoi, openings, hand weeding out heads, beheadings and numerous still bloody patterns make up the Crimson from blood of murderous madness menu of Crowley.

Victims of a mismatched group of tourists who made the mistake of visiting the Lair of the inhospitable swamps of Louisiana through leisure travel by boat. Behind the murderer there and scary legend originally not made believable by tourists who consider him another trick sensationalism for the benefit of practitioners with tourism. But everything changes when the detestable and huge Crowley gets a job, slaughtering tourists like sheep.

Horror Trivia

Although the title of the film refers to Balta, the killer Victor Crowley kill just one person with this tool.

From the rejuvenation of "Hatchet" is definitely the bloody killings. The gore reaches heights and simultaneously the Slayer takes care not to boring, often changing the way of killing his victims. The photo of the swamps and forests of Louisiana gives extra points to the film making it more menacing. The comic character makes it fun except sporadic chills and fully unsuccessful one-liners. As for the cliches of slasher mentioned, these are unfortunately numerous, annoying though the film is making an earnest effort to diakwmwdisei acting somehow aytosarkastika. Here is what is limping noticeably and loses some points.

Finally, the presence of multiple actors who have starred in movies or horror series seems to be working in favor of "Hatchet". But guys so little participation for Robert Englund and Tony Todd? Especially the first reference on the cover of the Greek Edition prepares us for a more extensive time in the presence of our beloved ' Freddy '. The hopelessly Puckered participation such superstar xenerwnei and degrades the entire effort behind the ' Hatchet '. Anyway, Let's settle in Kane Hodder, who once had the honour of wearing the lethal ' suit ' a Jason Voorhees …


Movie Highlights

  • The disintegration of a poor fisherman in the beginning of the film.
  • Bloody murder of an elderly couple from the Victor. Especially the extirpation of the mouth of the woman from the pair causes shock and vomiting!
  • The sarabaliasma of the lower part of the face of a girl from abrasive machine!
  • Juicy hand weeding out another victim.

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Overabundance of violent murders and detailed with plenty of liters of blood, impressive and at the same time foul side of manic slaughterer Victor Crowley, beautiful and menacing footage of the wooded-Louisiana's swampy environment.


Incomplete development of many characters and existence of some completely useless. Sporadic moments of failed humor. Some of the traditional cliché of slasher could be missing.

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Fun slasher with endless bloodshed, violent and deadly evil sichameno-slaughterer. Ideal for afternoon Jazz enough not to have consumed a lot of food ...

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