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Halloween (1978)

Halloween (1978)

by 29/11/2013
The "Halloween" focuses on the terrifying figure of Michael Myers, who in childhood had killed his sister on the night of Halloween resulting imprisonment in an institution for 15 years. One rainy night the Myers runs away from the Foundation and targets a babysitter and her friends in his hometown. At the same time his personal psychiatrist desperately searches for the traces of knowing bad approaching.

John Carpenter


Debra Hill


John Carpenter, Debra Hill


Donald Pleasence, Jamie Lee Curtis, P. J. Soles, Nancy Loomis


John Carpenter

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Compass International Pictures, Falcon International Productions

Γνωστή και ως

"John Carpenter's Halloween", "The Babysitter Murders"


1 Hour and 31 Minutes (91 Min)






"The trick was to stay alive", "The Night he came home", "He's come back", "The Night HE Came Home!", "HE came home for HALLOWEEN", "Everyone is entitled to one good scare", "Trick or treat... or die", "Let's celebrate the horror", "Happy Halloween!", "The Trick Is To Stay Alive!".



Box Office

$70.000.000 (παγκοσμίως)

Body Count





Undoubtedly the "Halloween" is the most important film giant John Carpenter and holds a unique position in the field of slashers after without being the first in this subcategory, gave great impetus to the unstoppable slasher film production that followed. Also assembled one of the most ' evil cult ' cinema's horror, the cold, expressionless and unbeatable Michael Myers.

With a meager budget and dazzling results in the box office, the "Halloween" has established itself as a classic in the field of terror. Tells the tragic story of Michael Myers who in his childhood murdered the older sister of the night of Halloween on 31 October 1963 and was confined in an institution of staying silent for 15 years. One evening the dangerous Michael runs away from the mental hospital and returns to the scene of the crime, in the city of his childhood years where I put the target young babysitter Laurie Strode and her friends. At the same time the doctor watching him all these years, follows the traces of Michael and knowing how dangerous is trying to locate him in cooperation with the police before it's too late. The Halloween night promises to be dramatic and agonizing …

Horror Trivia

To ' Halloween ' was filmed in 21 days in April 1978. With a budget of $ 320,000, became the most profitable independent film up to that time. The Jamie Lee Curtis who made her debut in cinema with "Halloween", received $ 8000.

halloweenThe peculiarity of "Halloween" is that it does not use blood effects to scare or shock the viewer but relies on the dark photo and threatening atmosphere unlike many similar films horror/slasher full of bloody scenes, often to absurd degree. Here the gore is really tiny but it beats not at all negative. Also characteristic are the scenes where Michael Myers monitor prospective victims while spectators people freak out listening to the chilling of the breath. Another hallmark of ' Halloween ' is the amazing music of investing, written by Carpenter. This is a simple piece on the piano but it's so dark and menacing mood they rarely encounter in horror film. Undoubtedly one of the best and most characteristic musical themes that have been in the movie. The terrifying figure of Michael Myers needs no introduction. It is a story in itself!

Generally considered excellent the directorial work of Carpenter from the beginning until the end of the film. The original bright pumpkin in a dark background that puts us in the mood, the stylish murder of Michael Myers's sister whom we watch through the mask of the small Slayer, dark shots at the home of her friend Laurie where unfold most murders and more shapely places confirm the incomparable directorial acumen of Carpenter. Memorable is natural and Jamie Lee Curtis of interpretations and Donald Pleasence. The two actors contribute to the shaping of terrible identity of "Halloween" with nerve and anxious reactions.

Some scenario-there are bangs, especially in sequences that Laurie Myers faces, but fortunately doesn't stand capable of hitting seriously high qualitative value of the film. Generally it is necessary to see (those who haven't already done so) the "Halloween" not only for the undeniable historical value but also because it is a really great movie, an authentic horror movie.

The Night masks

Movie Highlights

  • The historian now murder his sister's Michael Myers equivalent to the birth of a famous murderer, among the most violent in the history of cinema. The directorial genius Carpenter to the present through the eyes of the actor is all the money!
  • Also the classic murder of Bob, a friend of Laurie. The Michael Mayers looks with pleasure the victim once nailed to the wall and we admire once again the directorial mastery of Carpenter.
  • The sublime music that contributes so decisively in the creation of dark atmosphere as few musical themes can do!
  • And last but not least the imposing character of Michael Myers with the frosted look and frightening mask that hides the even more horrific aspect of a historic cinematic Assassin!


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The distinctive, original, innovative, unique direction of Carpenter, the classic terrifying music-enduring hallmark of the film, a classic now slaughterer in the scene of horror.


Occasional bangs in the scenario that is generally not polyenochloyn. The delayed onset of action in particular

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All without qualms. To see where more launched in famous slasher's subtype. From the classic horror movies of all time.

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