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Some Guy Who Kills People-one who Kills (2011)

Some Guy Who Kills People-one who Kills (2011)

by 13/05/2014
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1 Hour and 37 Minutes (97 Minutes)


Ken Boyd, a lonely man fresh out of the loony bin, sets out to kill those he deems responsible for his miserable life.




 Case: "Some Guy Who Kills People" focuses on the life of a troubled young man who recently came out of a mental institution after a failed suicide attempt. Soon puts in place his plans for the massacre of former classmates who created the huge psychological problems but the situation is complicated when in his life enters the lost daughter and a woman who flirts.

"Some Guy Who Kills People" is one of those movies that we usually call it "small surprises". Because of course it is an unexpectedly good production given the meager of budget but also because it has a special, distinct style as a movie. The evident classification is on horror comedies but occasionally arise and evidence autobiographical, social drama and broaden the already rich identity.

From the Director of ' Wild Things 2 ' comes this bizarre movie with deliberately informative title that fits glove with its content. In "Some Guy Who Kills People" well, watching the harrowing routine of Ken, a deranged young man struggling with serious psychological problems. You see … an extremely nasty ' prank ' ¨ the old classmates of has left incurable wound harrying him daily. His life is this ordinary marginal type, without many friends, no sociability, without enthusiasm. Also recently attempted to commit suicide but failed, and then the requisite hospitalisation was reinstated on crappy everyday life having catch work into a dinner of small town where he resides. The frustrations of the tormentors of Len not mollified and without delay the Ken starts killing his revenge …

Can the above be heard formally, but believe me, "Some Guy Who Kills People" have to say more than you can expect a lot. The elements of black comedy meet the slasher ferocity, with the final taste of the cocktail to be successful, showing a satisfactory balance that definitely gaining in popularity. As a garnish, we find scattered elements of social drama, especially through the difficult effort of antihero Ken to win the sympathy of his daughter but love an unexpected woman of "hang". Generally the direction seems epaggelmatikotati and high-level while behind the wheel is an unremarkable film director with plenty of lumber under his belt.

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Filming took place in Los Angeles in early 2010.

Of the strengths of the film is the very good interpretations all and interesting variety of characters. The protagonist is Ken excellent sample antihero who immediately earns our sympathy. The decadent mother of playing from the great Karen Black, looks like the perfect mother of the marginal child while the sheriff who "treats" particularly causes laughter and excitement with the rampant cynicism and pseytofilosofiko profile that is trying to build. Credit must be given to the chick who played the daughter of Ken which stands very well on this whole spectacle. Of course there are killing that is quite bloody and quickly executed, accompanied by lively music. Experienced slasherades precluded not to recognize the pattern of "revenge for the parelthontiki prank" in arising "Some Guy Who Kills People" acting as a lever to start the mayhem. After what was reported, the police investigation of the Sheriff to identify the murderer hovers in the background. Ending earmarks a surprise that I think will satisfy most viewers.

The complaints are traced to the relatively slow pace and a few mistakes in the script which seems to prefer some easy solutions trying to lead the film in a logical sequence of events. In General, however, "Some Guy Who Kills People" manages to transcend his weaknesses and to win. Is a pleasant touch to the present-day ragged from inspiration and quality horror scene and welcome addition to the field of horror comedies. Because as showing things the horror comedy is one of the few branches that retain their dynamic offering remarkable work made with passion and vision.

Some Guy Who Kills People

Movie Highlights

  • A delightful chop in front of one unfortunate victim.
  • A hilarious analysis pseytofilosofiki a murder by atzami Sheriff.
  • The well-designed ghoulish cartoons that draws the protagonist.
  • The wonderful combination of colors inside the ice cream store where she works the protagonist.

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Successful blend of horror and black comedy, interesting characters, well-written story, subversive hem, directed with style and perspective.


The somewhat slow pace, after a few imperfections and simplifications.

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Mini surprise from us worth of attention more friends of terror. Combines satisfactory black comedy and slasher aesthetics.

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