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The Green Inferno-Cannibals (2013)

The Green Inferno-Cannibals (2013)

by 11/10/2015
"The Green Inferno" follows a group of activists who approaches the Amazon jungle in order to save a native tribe that is heading toward extinction due to exploitation of the region by a company. Unfortunately for activists, when the plane carrying them crashed in jungle natives who wanted to save capture them and trigger the kanibalistika instincts.

Eli Roth


Eli Roth, Miguel Asensio, Nicolás López, Christopher Woodrow, Molly Conners


Eli Roth, Guillermo Amoedo


Eli Roth


Lorenza Izzo, Ariel Levy, Daryl Sabara, Kirby Bliss Blanton, Sky Ferreira, Magda Apanowicz, Nicolás Martinez, Aaron Burns, Ignacia Allamand, Ramón Llao, Richard Burgi


Manuel Riveiro

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Worldview Entertainment, Dragonfly Entertainment, Sobras International Pictures

Γνωστή και ως

Fear will eat you alive.


1 Hour and 40 Minutes (100 Minutes)


USA, Chile





Box Office

$7.397.289 (έως 09/10/2015)




Yes, the always interesting Eli Roth returns with an extreme and provocative horror film that has already divided audiences and critics. Inspired by Italian horror cult films of the 70s and 80s like "Cannibal Holocaust" and "Cannibal Ferox ' delivers a similar logic film that deals with a difficult subject for the general public. You see, the cannibals and not from the most favorite themes in horror film industry, hence the extremely poor list of such films. To note that the film was ready by 2013, but financial difficulties delayed the wide viewing until 2015.

The advice to not get eaten before the screening of the film should not be ignored as klisarismeni as it may sound. Because not only is the copious amounts of spilt blood but also the idea of swallowing man by man that makes the "The Green Inferno" even more hideous. From a simple case (activists trapped in the jungle and become snacks for a local tribe kanibalwn) Eli Roth unleashes her brutal attack without hesitation.

The violence has certainly launch before the captivity of activists from the cannibals with that great scene of the fall of the plane where many of the occupants find tragic death depicted in detail! But surely the pinnacle of extremities detected after the appearance of the kanibalwn in the foreground. From that point onwards really need strong stomach to become bearable "tracking The Green Inferno".

Horror Trivia

"Green Inferno" was the original title of kanibalistikoy anosioyrgimatos of 80s ' Cannibal Holocaust ' of Ruggero Deodato.


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Horrific, bloody eye diamelismoi mining, cuts, languages live fagwmata people and a few more gory scenes they promise great joy to fans of splatter and certain queasiness in the most sensitive. Of course, if The "Green Inferno" trying to cause visibly through the expanded violence sometimes seeks to challenge your mind with trivial matters environmental and cultural type. Also touched issues like false revolution degenerates early and conspiracy theories without yet deepen in some of them after the orientation is as we said clearly violent.

To add that Eli Roth and risked little leaving to play some scenes realistic but generally inhospitable to mainstream cinema as the realization of "physical need" a girl in the same cell with the imprisoned comrades and a great masturbation scene in the same area. Yeah, ok I'm not saying they had their chabales but almost to ridicule the effort of Eli Roth if now not experienced cinematographer patage brake in a timely manner.

Can ' The Green Inferno "not ever reaches the reputation of historical" Cannibal Holocaust "is a dignified tribute to Ruggero Deodato's film sick and like he's been shocked a lot of people in the distant past, bringing to the surface a taboo subject for the average person. At a time when the cinema horror is plagued by repetition, a new addition to a neglected branch as the cannibals are welcome.

The Green Inferno

Movie Review Highlights
  • All the sequences of the fall of the plane of the activists in the jungle. Beyond volume contains and horrific scenes of gore.
  • The first sokaristikoteri and swallowing a activist from the cannibals, which among other things contains bud mining and dismemberment victim's creepy.
  • The eating of a victim who is still totally alive the moment you eat!
  • The torture of a victim with … ants that eat his flesh.


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5 = Ατελείωτο λουτρό αίματος - 4 = Πολύ αιματοβαμμένο - 3 = Αιματοβαμμένο - 2 = Ελάχιστα αιματοβαμμένο - 1 = Σταγόνες αίματος - 0 = Ανυπαρξία αίματος

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5 = Αριστουργηματικό! - 4 = Πολύ καλό - 3 = Καλό - 2,5 = Μέτριο - 2 = Κακό - 1 = Πολύ κακό - 0 = Δεν βλέπεται με τίποτα!


Huge amounts of gore, sick and unhealthy climate with high intensity, stunning photography from the jungle, convincing cannibals with successful make-up, nice tribal music themes.


Delayed onset of action, some failed one-liners in not-so-successful dialogues, sporadic scenario imperfections and bangs.

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A very violent film horror shocker with the main theme and much more with the atrocities that it presents. Fans of horror films with cannibals would like despite scattered afeleies.

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