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Grandmother's House-The Grandma's House (1989)

Grandmother's House-The Grandma's House (1989)

by 13/10/2014
The "Grandmother's House" recounts the adventure pass two brothers when they move to Grandma's House and of their grandfather after the death of their father. You will soon notice that the behavior of two elderly is freakish and secretive while the situation is complicated further when an unknown woman tries to hurt her two children.
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1 Hour and 30 Minutes (90 Minutes)


She'll Spoil You To Death!




Forgotten thrileraki mystery leaves promises at the outset but restricts itself to the course and present ends. Somehow things are with the "Grandmother's House", a film that while it may scare younger age viewers, Demystified at a later age when xanablepeis. This happened to me at least. It is worth noting the name of Nikos Mastorakis in production and the delightful (but scarce) soundtrack.

The case focuses on the little David and Lynn's older sister who recently lost their father and no parents (old had died and their mother) move into the House of their grandfather and grandmother. The David notes first that there is something wrong with the behavior of two elderly and later sees things they shouldn't – for his own safety – be seen! At the same time, a mysterious, dangerous woman approaches the House and threatens the lives of two children.

Horror Trivia

The shooting took place in the city of Rosemead, California.

The ' Grandmother's House ' is a typical case where a movie interesting idea went down the drains. While the case and start to prepare for a shocking and agonizing then developments constrain expectations disappointing until messy finale that seals our embarrassment. The interpretations are certainly not the best possible, something that looks easy, but they are not the primary reason of falling film. The biggest damage done the mpoyrdoyklwmeno scenario, loaded with shoddy, anempneystes up inane ideas like a firework that «soylatsarei» to the basement or a shooting at the wrong person. While a rich variety of characters, the coefficients do not leverage them as they could losing a chance for a better overall result. Probably doesn't help and the fact that much of the action takes place during the day, resulting in the shrinking of terrifying atmosphere.

Sometimes you think that watching a thriller, not a serious horror movie. Certainly the "Grandmother's House" is not a bad movie and there are some good elements. Among other things the US occasionally creepy look of Len Lesser (that closely match the Tsakonas not played!) who impersonates her grandfather and the beautiful photo of kalifornezikoy landscape, in particular the road with Palm trees where moving the bus carrying the two brothers at the beginning. Whatever good but not enough to save the film from mediocrity. Pity that the coefficients were unable to extend their remarkable initial ideas. Too bad for the great opportunity that was lost. Necessarily so we are left with the memories (who at least had seen at a young age) …

Grandmother's House

Movie Highlights

  • The wonderful shots of the street with Palm trees.
  • The suspenseful sequences that little David watching her grandfather and grandmother to carry home a corpse (apparently).


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Sporadic scenes of true horror and eerie atmosphere, the scary look of Len Lesser, occasionally increased suspense, nice photo.


Badly written and overly convoluted script, some unneeded and gullible scenes, disappointing finale, underconsumption of characters.

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Uneven thriller that showed conditions for something better. Pity for the lost opportunity.

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