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Grabbers-Alien Hangover (2012)

Grabbers-Alien Hangover (2012)

by 13/01/2016
The "Grabbers" revolves around the attacking alien creatures on an island of fishermen of Ireland. Locals realize at some point that the only thing that can save them from aliens is busted!

Jon Wright


Tracy Brimm, Kate Myers, Martina Niland


Kevin Lehane


Richard Coyle, Ruth Bradley, Russell Tovey


Christian Henson

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Forward Films, UK Film Council, Irish Film Board, Limelight, High Treason, Nvizible, Samson Films


Ireland, United Kingdom




Last call at the bar.



Box Office

$440.821 (έως 27/09/2015)




You are tired of the usual horror comedies? Looking for generally the originality in today's fresh ideas from steremeno horror cinema? If Yes, then the "Grabbers" recommended for you! This special production Irlandobretaniki, without being masterpiece, made a little surprise in the field of horror comedies throwing on the table fresh fish … so to adjust the Allen to the fishing environment of island fishermen.

The "Grabbers" have the advantage to presents an original and somewhat crazy idea that builds on the action, initially gaining the sympathy and applause for sufficient sight that offers. The story is set in the fictional Irish Erin Island, where a small fishing community accept invasion by alien creatures that resemble octopuses. After the first successful invasion of extraterrestrials, a ypopsiasmeni local group understands that the only effective defense that can rely on aliens is the favorite on the island alcohol! You see, for the extraterrestrial creatures alcohol equals a poison resulting cannot harm those locals have been intoxicated! And by this very weakness begins the effort of small group to deal with the threat.

Horror Trivia

Before the start of filming, the Director pulled out to drink the two main protagonists of the film (Richard Coyle and Ruth Bradley) pulling shots from the true state of drunkenness in which found!

This innovative idea is being implemented successfully in the film demonstrate ease in to win from the beginning. From the dynamic start with the deadly assault of extraterrestrials in a boat crew lies to our acquaintance with the unsettled characters that would feature, the "Grabbers" flows very easily giving the stigma for the bouncy but not harmless pattern to follow. The sequel is also interesting at times with the action of the alien creatures and sometimes with the emergence of xekardistikwn characters that Captivate with their quirks and their tales tsapatsoylika.

Alien attacks contain blood and jazz, but with obvious preference for the second. This is in my opinion and one of the few drawbacks of "Grabbers" as starting left promises greater carnage that never comes … Although some heads cut off here and there shouting that the film isn't for kids. The overall image quality and supported by the meticulous special effects of the form of extraterrestrials. The striking photo of the beautiful natural landscape of Ireland in turn makes even more attractive the project.

Worth well more than a taste of the heady alcohol of "Grabbers" already pervaded by a "kaltilas" (Besides alcohol smell!) and that takes us to the glorious, cheesy seasons of "Gremlins" and "Night of the Creeps". The sporadic exaggerations of the script easily exceeded and the film resembles a small oasis in the flooded by horror scene replays. Iterations that have already extended the mighty idiom of horror comedies. With your health!


Movie Review Highlights
  • The dynamic start with the bloody night alien attack fishermen of the village.
  • The "suck" a local housewife through the chimney from the huge alien plokamoeidi.
  • The terrible "cuff" that gives the huge alien plokamoeidis in drunken doctor.
  • The wild party of natives in the local bar while Aliens lurk outside in ignorance of the first.


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Original concept, interesting variety of characters, amazing photo from Ireland, well-made alien effects.


A few problems in the script, the image of "restraint" regarding the gore.

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Amusing horror comedy with original case and hilarious characters. Everything you need for a pleasant afternoon .... with many beers!

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