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The Gorilla-Gorilla (1939)

The Gorilla-Gorilla (1939)

by 26/07/2014
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Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation


1 Hour and 6 Minutes (66 Minutes)


Mystery goes merry, with the Ritzes
A Ritz is afraid of nothing ... but ... THIS ... IS ... SOMETHING!
Thrills + Laughs = Entertainment


 Case: In "The Gorilla" a rich man hires three detectives to protect him from a serial killer nicknamed "The Gorilla". The night that detectives arrive at the home of millionaire, a true Gorilla arrives and he at home.


No doubt it is the film that will suggest to someone to see when the initiations the horror movie of the 1930s. Though the cast is very attractive, "The Gorilla" as total film certainly isn't. The film is based on the homonymous play by polygrafotatoy writer Ralph Spence which became a film twice: in 1927 as a silent film in 1930.

The case is bizarre and psiloasteia, but motivating to watch the work just to see where it will end this crazy story. So we learn that a serial killer has to repress a millionaire and is going to kill him. The millionaire hires three detective for protection, but when they arrive at the home of their employer, an unidentified Gorilla visits this home with uncertain intentions. What's playing? Who tries to kill the rich guy and why?

In "The Gorilla", we find great names of the era as Lionel Atwill, Bela Lugosi, Patsy Kelly, Anita Louise, and of course the hilarious comedians Ritz Brothers with a rich career in film, on television and in the theater. The great Bela Lugosi plays a secondary role, that of atsalakwtoy butler of the House, but even in this supplementary shipping doing swimmingly.

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Horror Trivia

"The Gorilla" was the last Ritz Brothers film directed by Allan Dwan and the last one I did for 20th Century Fox's account. Then it switched to Universal.

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Although all the actors try to give the good self and impressing the public, often awkward and procheirogrammenoi dialogues with the comings and goings of insipid-characters in various areas of the House cause fatigue and yawns. Thankfully towards the end, the film raises somewhat turns and unleashes a subversive scene developments that fanning the reduced interest by then.

Although "The Gorilla" is recommended as a horror comedy, neither particularly frighten nor amused. It is from the old horror films whose ravages of time on them is more than visible. Only for fans of orkismenoys ancient terror of 30s. Alternatively you can look up the corresponding mute film of 1927 which is much better.

The Gorilla

Movie Highlights

  • The scene with the Gorilla's hand trying to touch a woman on her bed.
  • The subversive finale with unexpected revelations.

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Claustrophobic atmosphere, the presence of the Ritz Brothers ever anebastikwn and Bela Lugosi feature, the subversive finale.


The general feeling that it is obsolete as a movie, weak dialogues, some failed and insipid character behaviors, too light-hearted atmosphere.

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Uneven horror comedy that can be monitored only pleasantly by aficionados of the 30s.

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