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Funny Games-Weird Games (1997)

Funny Games-Weird Games (1997)

Two youths hit the Bell of the House of a family who has just arrived in their country. With the pretext that they are guests of their neighbors and that they would like a service, enter the House of the family. And start a sick game but gain more psychic torture. But what are and why they do it? What are their motives?

Michael Haneke


Veit Heiduschka


Michael Haneke


Susanne Lothar, Ulrich Mühe, Arno Frisch, Frank Giering, Stefan Clapczynski

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Wega Film


1 Hour and 48 Minutes (108 Minutes)




German, French




With this movie, which comes from Austria, Haneke, the Director, wanted to show the influence of violence displayed by the media in society but also to mock their respective movies that are shot in Hollywood. And I think that has achieved both. He managed to show how raw, tough and brutal can become man though just how realized that can turn into something like that and how avoid and the consequences of his actions.

The movie shocker but without showing the physical violence the viewer directly and without using countless gallons of blood. The bulk of the film unfolds in the family home and exterior shooting. This gives a claustrophobic atmosphere in the film and makes you feel that you watch everything in real time. Xechniesai how you watch film and you think that all this is done really. This of course is achieved and by the trick of killer appeals at times toward the viewer and puts dilemmas on how we should develop the case but what you did and the spectator in the position. So join you in anger, in pain, anger and agony of the family.

Horror Trivia

When the film was screened at Cannes in 1997, shocked incredibly common and some by critics in order to flee from the screening of the film.

Although many believe that Haneke turned this movie in order just to shock, I do not agree with this view. Shows just the brutality of man and something we can encounter in our daily lives. Basically we have yet another example of that art imitates life. And Yes, every day all around us happen such situations. Also manages to make you realize that the man is not a superhero. Cannot act in the same way as in the films of American cinema. With this movie succeeds to mock these films and to show that man is weak in the face of such situations and unable to react. Debunks the myth of the victim-perpetrator and timwroy which in the end becomes a victim himself.

I would highly recommend to those who have not seen it to see it anyway. Of course, you can do a crash test with the American version. Yes, after 10 years, the same Director turns the same movie, with the same script but with American actors. See both and decide for yourself what you liked most.

Funny Games

Movie Review Highlights
  • The scene of the shooting.
  • The escape of the child from the home.
  • The last scene on the Lake.


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The intelligent script of the film and the performances of the actors.


The brutality of the film that might annoy some.

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Particularly shocking movie is not for all viewers. In putting on thoughts and scared at how man can become simply a "Monster".

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