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Night Fright-fright night (1985)

Night Fright-fright night (1985)

by 06/06/2014
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Columbia Pictures, Vistar Films, Columbia Pictures Industries, Delphi IV Productions

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Dracula Lovers


1 Hour and 46 Minutes (106 Minutes)


If you love being scared, it'll be the night of your life.
There are good reasons to be afraid of the dark.



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 Case: In "Fright Night" a young man discovers that his neighbor is a vampire who savors the blood of unsuspecting victims. But no one believes him and he only with the strange company can stop him.

One of the most successful horror films of the 80s was the "Fright Night" (1985). 1985 became the second most successful horror film losing the first single from the "Nightmare on Elm Street 2" while he won 4 more awards. Intelligent, ambient, youthful, with dynamic outbursts, stunning effects and excellent music disco, pop and rock, the ' Fright Night ' is a full horror film that fairly placed by many of the best movies with vampires. Essentially is the first big directorial job by American Tom Holland (Child's Play, The Langoliers, etc) that would affect several subsequent films with vampires.

William Ragsdale

The film revolves around the young Charlie Brewster who discovers that his new neighbor in the opposite House is a vampire out for blood. From his window distinguishes mysterious scenes of young women visiting the next-door House and are victims of a vampire while the strange guardian of the plot helps the project. Vainly tries to convince the police and his friends for the shocking discovery and the worst for him is that the infernal neighbor has gotten wind of what risks and if this entails for the Charlie and those around him! Desperate young protagonist asks for the help of a television showman, "special" somehow in hunting vampires to stop the bloodthirsty vampire next door! The venture, however, will not be at all easy and how could it with such Satanic opponent storyline from the darkness!

Horror Trivia

The character of showman-Vampire Hunter named Peter Vincent from the combination of two names sacred monsters of classic horror: the Peter Cushing and Vincent Price!

Roddy McDowall

Generally the "Fright Night" has all the elements needed to win the sympathy of the audience. Even those who aren't fans of vampires, you will surely find at least entertaining the "Fright Night", since it has rhythm, dark atmosphere, comic elements perfectly integrated into the film's atmosphere, imaginative characters and sufficient quantities of gore in the appropriate dosage for the standards of film which tries to remain in "distinctive" as part of the mainstream, but without hesitating to pull out on the surface and more extreme form when the situation demands it. The Chris Sarandon in the role of vampire aimodipsoys is impressive and truly bad while William Ragsdale manages to meet the leading role of restless Charlie without showing false. The Roddy McDowall kapatsos wonderfully embodies the role of skeptic Hunter vampires but the other characters stand at high levels, contributing decisively to create a tight-knit and most fun horror movie.

Of course there are some clichés (e.g. the main character has made an alarming discovery but nobody believes) or incomplete ideas (e.g. Charlie's mother showed that would play more important role but eventually somewhere halfway through the film disappears), however, none of the few trouble spots may not have a significant effect on the undeniable quality of the film. The fun watching the "Fright Night" is given. For loyal fans of the genre the movie means a lot more! Well done!

Fright Night

Movie Highlights

  • The crunch where Charlie discovers the shocking identity of neighbor looking out of the window is now classic!
  • The scene that the vampire chases the Charlie and his friend at a disco. By kalogyrismenes scenes like this it seems the quality of the film.
  • The aftereffects of those vampires xepastreyontai suggest that the film is ready to offer some efetzidikes, bloody and disturbing images.
  • This all time classic cover who don't stop to enjoy whenever you see it. Among the most impressive and well-designed that exist on tape!

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Successful vampire-bad, handsome and resourceful characters wonderfully musical themes, occasionally surreal atmosphere.


Little mass of the script.

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Of the best horror movies with vampires and quite influential on the scene of vampire films.

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