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Frenzy-Frenzy (1972)

Frenzy-Frenzy (1972)

by 12/06/2014
A series of straggalismwn women shocked London. In ' Alfred Hitchcock's Frenzy ", the police have arrested the wrong person while the real paranoid circulate free in town seeking the next victim ...

Alfred Hitchcock


Alfred Hitchcock


Anthony Shaffer


Arthur La Bern


Jon Finch, Alec McCowen, Barry Foster


Ron Goodwin

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Universal Pictures


1 Hour and 56 Minutes (116 Minutes)


United Kingdom




Just an ordinary necktie used with a deadly new twist.



Box Office

$12.600.000 (έως 22-5-2012)




Historical film this after going to the penultimate ruler of creation of suspense. While many "Frenzy" is the last truly great film by Alfred Hitchcock, a view I agree. The Alfie returning in 1972 in his hometown after two controversial spy film in the U.S., focusing on what he does best of all: making dynamic Suspense Thrillers with its own ornate style, cutting away the audience in the "Frenzy", which is a transposition of the Novella "Goodbye Piccadilly, Farewell Leicester Square" (1966) by Arthur La Bern, takes place in contemporary London, where an outbreak of violent killings has shocked the city. All of the victims are women, raped and strangled with a tie. After the acquaintance with the theme the Hitch is focused on visualization of abnormal life both men and friends. One former airman and today parakmasmenos SOT that cannot hold in hoot, the other trader grocery delivery, with more stable life but also insanely kinks in erotic life. Very early in the film the two men embroiled in the case of ' murder ' of the tie after the strangulation of the first spouse. The drunkard husband is the Chief suspect and the police launched a manhunt to capture him while he tries to convince people that help him for his innocence. The straggalismoi, however, continued, and although many items implicate the unsettled man, it becomes obvious that the authorities are chasing the wrong person.

Horror Trivia

Hitchcock's first choice for the killer was much Michael Caine. The English actor however refused to assume the role considering the disgusting …

Although the identity of the murderer is revealed very deliberately early in film, "Frenzy" apotinassei not interest and suspense of nowhere, after Alfie has managed to masterfully maintains throughout. The scenes of the main suspect, kryftokynigitoy the scenes of the murderous project of real maniac with trying the disappearance of prosecutions by the same, as well as touches of humor through the intimate moments of the protagonist Detective with his wife Cook welcome, keep us "warm" until finally witnessing once again the directorial glory of their creator. Interpretive stands out the murderer whose image oozes paranoia and his eye literally polishes, sending chills to viewers. Generally the more items we adored from the arsenal of the great British Director poems in "Frenzy", along with a few braver surprises that appear for the first time, as bare shots. There he loses a few points is in the final scenes that show a rush and a superficiality in the scenario, making the finale of "Frenzy" to indicate an incomplete and less than high expectations formed until then. The "Frenzy" may not reaches qualitatively the masterpieces of the past of Hitchcock like "Vertigo", "Psycho" and "Rear Window", but how often do we encounter filmmakers with so extended period creation quality as with Alfie's career? Is a feat that even in the West of his career leading British filmmaker succeeds WINS with ease. We just thank him and bow to the greatness of …


Movie Highlights

  • The classic chitskokiki camera movement after a murder, which in the area of crime travels elaborate overseas market environment, where none of the citizens did not know that a killing just happened so close! Classic Hitchcock told you!
  • The agonizing sequences with the killer tries to regain an incriminating element from his victim in the cargo of a truck with potatoes on the go.
  • The hilarious scenes of detectives with the chef's wife but not removed completely from the theme of murder.


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Classic Hitchcock movie with intense suspense, good performances especially from the evil case that perfectly embodies the role of psychotic diproswpoy.


The slightly problematic finale in terms of volume, depth and inspiration.

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From the first ' must ' after you have previously seen the timeless masterpieces of Hitchcock's filmography.

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