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Frankenstein (1931)

Frankenstein (1931)

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Universal Pictures


1 Hour and 10 Minutes (70 Minutes)


A Monster Science Created - But Could Not Destroy!
To have seen it is to wear a badge of courage!
The man who made a monster.
Warning! The monster is loose!
Science's Monster Terror! man has ever seen his like woman ever felt his white-hot kiss...
The monster that terrorized the world.
The Original Horror Show!



Box Office

$12.000.000 (έως 13 Απριλίου του 2012)


 Case: In ' Frankenstein ', Henry Frankenstein is a doctor who tries to create a man from parts of corpses. Manages and creates a monster that must now try to check it.


Classic movie that was influenced by the self-titled Mary Shelley's book without has followed faithfully. The doctor Henry Frankenstein, has closed in the laboratory and with his assistant trying to give life to a ' man ' which have been created by members of the dead. Manage to give life to this monster but along with life and give him incredible strength, something that makes it unbeatable and impossible to control. The monster pops out of the laboratory and Frankenstein must now find and stop.

Horror Trivia

The monster of the film is nothing like the character of Mary Shelley. The makeup was an inspiration of Jack P. Pierce who introduced some innovations in the appearance of the monster as the level head, neck bolts, the closed eyelids and worn his suit. The makeup is a copyright of Universal until 2026.

Amazing atmosphere, dark at key points. Sets simply and frugally, anyway this is 1931. Interpretations gripping without excesses. The Boris Karloff in the role as the monster is delectable and incomparable. In my opinion, than this should be influenced by the movies that have been filmed with zombies in terms of walking, the expression and the moygkrismata which uses to communicate.

Clarke Mae

Mae Clarke

The film is not just a film that shot to frighten or cause. Has several meanings involving humans. Emotions such as compassion, viciousness, ambition, vanity, love, hate combined together so masterfully that at the end you are to analyze this movie into social and human level. Film which till today is timely without exaggerating in the slightest. One of the few movies that give you reason to think and analyse the behaviour of heroes and to be in a dilemma whether to themselves or their justifications to blame for their actions and their feelings.


Movie Highlights

  • The phrase "It's alive".
  • The scene of the "birth" of the monster and Boris Karloff.

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Boris Karloff and the shocking the whole aesthetic of the film.



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Classic movie that no subsequent arrangement was not able to overcome. Although it doesn't follow the book, personally I think it transcends.

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