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The Fly-the Fly (1986)

The Fly-the Fly (1986)

by 18/05/2014
"The Fly" focuses on an innovative and eccentric scientist who is experimenting with teleportation. When one of his experiments goes awry, he is going to be transformed into a repulsive creature between man and fly an unsustainable living martyrdom.

David Cronenberg


Stuart Cornfeld


Charles Edward Pogue, David Cronenberg


George Langelaan


Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis, John Getz


Howard Shore

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

SLM Production Group, Brooksfilms


1 Hour and 36 Minutes (96 Min)


Half man. Half insect. Total terror.



Box Office





Few times a remake happens to be better than the original film. In this rare case "belongs to The film Fly" remake of the 1986 film being equivalent of 1958. And who else could take on such a great project from the Maitre of somatic mutations, the perceptive David Cronenberg? Canadian filmmaker who had already given his credentials with an early list of very good and notable films, brings accomplished successfully the new mission of making a great movie with unyielding resistance to the passage of time.

The case involves an introspective and ambitious scientist who is experimenting with teleportation. Seth Brundle Genius wants to change the way humanity understands the world and the concept of spacetime. In his lab has installed special teleportation Chambers and a computer to perform his experiments tilemetaferontas objects and living organisms with … mixed results in the second case. In life of restless scientist enters a journalist named Veronica (Geena Davis) which chronicles his experiments and will soon develop between them a tender romance. But things did not evolve smoothly as a day that Seth was drunk and annoyed by her behaviour Veronica decided to teleport himself Despite potential risks. While the Chamber happened to enter him and a fly. The teleportation shows initially successful but Seth gradually will begin to get strange properties and eventually transforms into a terrifying creature, something between a fly and a human being.

Horror Trivia

Initially, the position of Director was intended for Tim Burton.

"The Fly" is an odd but successful combination of horror, sci fi, drama and romance. It is a film so capable to shock with the sickening of spectacle and to excite the viewer who watches the drama of the Central hero to escalates and the poor beloved cannot do anything to help him. The interpretation of Jeff Goldblum in the role of Seth Brundle is astounding. The rest of the cast simply follow from a great distance. The chemistry between Goldblum and Geena Davis as erwtochtypimenoy and the doomed pair is generally good.

Special mention should be made in the makeup and effects of metamorphosis as they are crucial for The trumps ' Fly ' with an Oscar in the related field. Responsible for the impressive spectacle was the Chris Wallas, the designer of the legendary Gremlins and compensates us here above. The appearance of "Brundlefly" creature as transformed as completely is incredibly gruesome and disgusting (in a good way). But also in intermediate stages where Brundle gradually acquires various deformities in his body, the sickening element is present with appalling persuasiveness, that feel real compassion for the martyrdom of the protagonist. Yes, "the fly" is an intensely emotional film where the horror these alternate with feelings of emotion shaking the emotional chords in us.

Diverse were the interpretations around the general meaning of the film and some interpreted as an allegory for the AIDS, aging and other difficult phases before the death but let's not seek further interpretative aposymbolismoys because I miss t ' eggs and put. We can simply enjoy one of the best films ever directed the great David Cronenberg and that will remain a great many years though pass.

The Fly

Movie Highlights

  • The uncomfortable scene where Brundle teleport a baboon with very bad results after the computer doesn't understand exactly how you need to recompose the dissolved molecules of the living being. Result … a bloody BLOB that was once a baboon.
  • The Bram-de-Divisi between Brundle and an unfortunate pseytomagka in a bar with very bad results for hand pseytomagka.
  • The striking transformation of Brundle in the fly and the dramatic finale that will do a lot to cry.


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Stunning effects and makeup, great interpretation by Goldblum, outspoken climate of emotion and grief, well-written story.


Little violence above and more action would be ektimitees.

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From the highlights of David Cronenberg. Drama, horror, science fiction and romance are combined successfully in a full movie that even today retains its freshness.

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