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First Born-Fiendish Visiting (2007)

First Born-Fiendish Visiting (2007)

by 01/06/2016
The "First Born" revolves around a married couple moving into a cottage on the occasion of the birth of their first child. Unfortunately for the pair of a series of mysterious events turn his life into a nightmare.

Isaac Webb


Rick Schwartz, Lemore Syvan


Isaac Webb


Elisabeth Shue, Steven Mackintosh, Kathleen Chalfant, Khandi Alexander, Anne Wolf


John Frizzell

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Blueprint Films, Elevation Filmworks, Initial Entertainment Group, Virtual Studios

Γνωστή και ως

The Unborn 2


1 Hour and 35 Minutes (95 Minutes)








Seeing the cover and the title of "First Born" my mind went straight to another thriller with ' evil ' babies. Monitoring of tape but unveils a more complex image, regardless of mixed impressions he leaves with mediocre quality.

In principle you can not pass unnoticed the interesting cast. The duo Elisabeth Shue (Leaving Las Vegas, Back to the Future 2, etc) and Steven Mackintosh (Underworld-Evolution II, Rise of the Lycans etc) creates certain expectations. Although in general the actors are standing at their height can not say the same for the "First Born" altogether as a movie. The two main protagonists through a happy married couple becomes even happier after a woman becomes pregnant. The happy event motivates them to move to a bigger house outside the city. Eventually the baby born flooding with joy his parents.

Not for long though since then several mysterious events that disrupt the lives of the pair. The main victim of the events is the wife (Elisabeth Shue) who is immersed in a hectic pathological condition. Mental balance deteriorates and the whole demeanor becomes disturbingly strange. What caused this shift? Something happens with the newborn infant? Do you blame the horrific domestic helper that proslabane? Or maybe run something with the doll that collect the mother from the Metro station wagon? These and more are probably the agonizing questions that arise during monitoring.

Horror Trivia

The book about magic and curses reads the protagonist is the "Complete Book of Witchcraft Buckland's" by Raymond Buckland, well-known priest of Wicca and occult Books author content.

In general the "First Born" is an uneven film horror. From a troubling and scares with occasional complexities of screenwriting and gruesome or abrupt scenes, on the other hand in xenerwnei with some katagelastes effects (e.g. the ease with which killed the dog) and with the lack of answers to the main questions.

The feeling that it gives you is that it doesn't take a clear direction about what he wants to be (have to do with witchcraft, with pure strain, with some supernatural power or something else?) leaving many issues open and unverified. There is a rudimentary atmosphere, sometimes even suspenseful but feel that something is missing from the project. The dramatic finale is pretty much predictable. I feel that the film will be patwne if the pair had worse cast. At least now somewhat see …

First Born

Movie Review Highlights
  • The suspenseful sequences that the wife seeks an intruder at her home at night!
  • The dramatic finale. Although predictable, offers sufficient doses of shock and fear.


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Sporadic tromares and exciting scenes, a few shocking twists in the scenario, the horrific domestic helper, sporadic atmospheric moments.


Undecided plot, lack of clear and satisfactory responses, bangs in the script, predictable finale.

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Mediocre film psychological-metaphysical horror rescued from total wreck mainly because of talented actors.

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