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F-F, Scare at school (2010)

F-F, Scare at school (2010)

by 21/06/2014
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F - London Highschool-Massaker.
The Expelled.


1 Hour and 19 Minutes (79 Minutes)




 Plot: in the "F" a gang of hooded men attacked at a staff college with murderous intent after hours of coursework. A professor with his daughter lying there struggling for their survival.

The "F" confirms yet again the duplicity of the British horror scene. On the one hand we have been give top movies kind of like e.g. the "Dog Soldiers" or the "Eden Lake", on the other hand, several moderate to completely disappointing. In this second category belongs the "F", which thankfully moved at least in mediocrity and not tragic levels of some other "compatriots".

David Schofield

Positive predisposition is created by the participation of the British actor David Schofield which besides several complementary roles in mainstream Hollywood films, most hip horror fans will remember him as the "arrows" in the tavern "Slaughtered Lamb" by the legendary "An American Werewolf In London" 1981. Psilosokaristiko the beginning of the film by hitting on the snout of a teacher by a student who took the humiliating degree F in evaluation, keeps warm good predisposition. From this point, the typikoyres known as the temporary availability of Professor and the following decline in private life, the problems of the protagonist, Professor with the daughter and student of, student pranks at his expense, the mundane College environment and the ' easy ' stay in a group of persons-victims of the candidate within the school building after the celebratory evening. Among the persistent is the daughter of Professor who chastised by one hour stay in school after the end of daily classes.

Horror Trivia

The production of the film cost approximately 150,000 GBP.


At that moment what a gang of youths (apparently) hooded men invaded the school and using various sharp weapons mainly violently kill the remaining personnel, namely teachers, janitors, security guards obviously and whoever else tries to find in their path. The crummy Professor that the constant quarrels with his daughter have marginally ablating pays their relationship, called to pull out from inside of the overprotective parent's instincts and tries to save his daughter but, of course, himself.

The film moves in ' safe ' but also typical paths of slashers. Seeing the note that he could have shot and in the 80s, then the slasher idiom was the norm in horror movies. The acting largely reminiscent of old like the slasher-in other words is moderate. The David Schofield obviously cannot raise the role of the protagonist despite the best efforts. The film tries to look serious but succeeds only partially. Trumps are some very disturbing scenes where victims have lost much of the flesh around their mouths. Pity that most murders are not portrayed purely as they run. A further problem is the slow pace while the sudden ending well before capping reduces sharply the value of "F". But not to the point of being intolerable. The dark ID of "bad" can rather easily be assumed despite the ambiguities of the film.

expelled still 4 expelled still 2


Movie Highlights

  • The gruesome burning down a security guard inside the bucket.
  • The shocking depiction of a creeping victim referred to eradicate big part of the face below the nose.

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The claustrophobic environment within the school, some very harsh images of violence.


The slow tempo, the abrupt ending, the insufficient participation of certain actors.

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For once seen relatively pleasant. If you don't take it too seriously and you can enjoy Saturday evening with good company and delicacies.

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