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Eyes of Laura Mars-the eyes of Laura Mars (1978)

Eyes of Laura Mars-the eyes of Laura Mars (1978)

by 09/11/2014
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 Case: "Eyes of Laura Mars" focuses on a photographer who has the supernatural ability to see through the eyes of a serial killer who kills people by the nearby environment. With the help of a detective, the woman tries to preserve from the paranoid while the young ' keeper ' looks for traces of the paranoid.

Interesting thriller with but nothing justifies the Doro and great commercial success. The reason for the "Eyes of Laura Mars" a psychological mystery thriller that is considered American version of Italian giallo, which varies slightly by adding a few doses of metaphysics. The metaphysical element lies in its intuitive property of the heroine who sees through the eyes of a serial killer who commits murder terrible.

Aim Eyes Laura Mars

Faye Dunaway and Tommy Lee Jones

Lure of "Eyes of Laura Mars" is the duo Faye Dunaway – Tommy Lee Jones that illuminate their involvement with a film under different conditions will probably be passed unnoticed. Another interesting aspect is the first participation of the John Carpenter movie studio at large, having contributed to the screenplay while directing the Director of "Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back Irvin Kershner". Considering the above our expectations soar to the heights but ultimately the film itself, reaching a good but not spectacular levels. The Faye Dunaway played the Laura Mars, a successful photographer by challenging work that focuses on fashion photos in a violent background. Sometimes the models represent the dead, before a backdrop of malliotrabioyntai flaming cars and this recipe seems to work just fine for her career. The heroine but tormented by a supernatural gift-or better curse-since takes moments of vision moves to the "eyes" of a crazed murderer and see through them the killings of friends and associates. And as if this were not enough, the poor Laura realizes that she has become a target of paranoid. In her life also gets involved a policeman (Tommy Lee Jones) who tries to identify the offender and protect the Laura.

Horror Trivia

Originally the role of Laura Mars was going to pose as the famous singer Barbra Streisand but eccentric case prevented. Eventually contributed to the film with the song "Prisoner" we hear at the beginning.

The film has a pace, suspense, mystery and at the same time, renowned for its artistic excellence through the photos of models in stylish background. Whenever the heroine sees the fatal visions take tromares from the chilling music that accompanies the close-ups in katatromagmena eyes. Additionally the film raises us with fun disco music by sending us directly in the climate of the 70s without depriving the plot the sinister character. The Dunaway and Jones certainly didn't give the interpretation of their life but at least indicate orexatoi and mainly thanks to them acquires a Flash film. The problems identified in the scenario which without being bad, it makes the better management of its characters, leaving untapped a number of them and at the same time adopts soulless and overly simplistic explanations when it comes to revelations. Both the incentive and the profile of the killer did not have the necessary depth and we feel that was much ado about nothing. The attempt to overthrow shows quite anempneysti. It was too easy and the developing romance between the leading twin. It would also welcome some amounts of blood above but unfortunately the Director and the producers preferred to keep the violence to a friendly levels for the masses.

Eyes of Laura Mars

Movie Review Highlights

  • All the moments that the camera zooming in Laura's eyes when looking at or going to see visions of murders. These scenes are quite frightening and terror is reinforced by the creepy background music.
  • The shooting scene where various models showing that plakwnontai in wood with a backdrop of flaming vehicles.

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Several moments of suspense, nice pictures, artistic style, addictive music sometimes upbeat, sometimes chilling.


Conveniences and rough stuff in the script, insufficient use of characters, lack of detailed depictions of violence.

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Interesting film horror and mystery emerges more thanks to the presence of Faye Dunaway and Tommy Lee Jones.

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