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Extraterrestrial (2014)

Extraterrestrial (2014)

by 23/01/2015
In "Extraterrestrial" a group of young people going into a hut in the forest to entertain. But young people are faced with enemy aliens of a flying saucer that crashed in the area.

Colin Minihan


The Vicious Brothers


Brittany Allen, Freddie Stroma, Melanie Papalia



Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Abduction Films, Manis Film, Pink Buffalo Films

Γνωστή και ως

The Visitors


1 Hour and 41 Minutes (101 Minutes)








Flying saucers, rangy weaklings with karafla heads and large dark eyes, abductions of humans by aliens through the light beam for experiments, massacres animals for the same purpose, case Roswell and secret government contacts with extraterrestrials … If you want to find all the cliches of oyfologias assembled in a science fiction/horror movie then you should see the new film of The Vicious Brothers. The creators of the modern cult of ' Grave ' Encounters (2011) have left their own mark in 2014, delivering a movie this time is removed completely from the deadly spirits and grapples with alien invaders.

The result? Frustrating! «Extraterrestrial» is a very nasty movie. Unable to retain the viewer's interest and at the same time provokes laughter. Laughter not only for the oyfologika cliche which uses profusely and clumsy but because it gets really ridiculous in some places (e.g. in the scene where an alien machine affixed to the rear of an abducted). Besides the cliche of oyfologias, uses and other familiar cliches of horror and film not only as the notorious "cabin in the Woods" that still hasn't been demolished to rest or dakrybrechtoys love tezarismena neighbourhood reasons victims.

Horror Trivia

"Extraterrestrial" made its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York on 18 April 2014.

Of course we did not expect much since it was announced the moronic film case. The typical new friends going trip to the cottage of one of them in the Woods is confronted … not with someone paranoid murderer or with malicious spirits but with aggressive cousins of E.t. But certainly we expected a better structured film with more inspiration from two filmmakers who are trying filotima to emerge in the horror genre.

We keep only some good moments with agony and well-made gore and the bright red color emitted by the flying saucer and dispersed in the field making a slightly psychedelic atmosphere. Because in many key areas the "Extraterrestrial" proved tragically inadequate. Lovers of severe sci-fi/horror should wait some more until you see some really great movie in this difficult subcategory.


Movie Review Highlights

  • A chilling suicide with a pistol that ekpyrsokrotei under the jaw of the suicide.


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A few moments with enjoyable action and gore, the bright red colors of flying saucer that bathe the area of events, good effects.


Naive assumption and even more naive scenario, indifferent characters, showing many horror cliches (like the cabin in the Woods), moderate interpretations, absurdly long.

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This new work of The Vicious Brothers will xenerwsei friends of horror and science fiction. The inelegant using many clichés and the weak but naive story disavowing the flying saucer of "Extraterrestrial" syntribontas him altogether.

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