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Exists-There Is … (2014)

Exists-There Is … (2014)

by 25/05/2016
The "Exists" is a found footage horror movie in which five young protagonists who amuse themselves in a hut in the Woods, under attack from the monster of American folklore known as Bigfoot.

Eduardo Sánchez


Robin Cowie, Jane Fleming, J. Andrew Jenkins, Mark Ordesky


Jamie Nash


Eduardo Sánchez


Dora Madison Burge, Brian Steele, Samuel Davis


Nima Fakhrara

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Court Five, Haxan Films, Miscellaneous Entertainment


1 Hour and 26 Minutes (86 Minutes)






The legend is real. So is the terror.

Box Office

$41.930 (έως 10/11/2015)




The found footage … torment strikes again for the umpteenth time! Yes, it can sometime this idiom to gave great horror movies, but over the last few years has ceased to be an innovative element, let alone guarantee the high quality of a horror movie. The "Exists" that will look here and this makes use of widespread technical sport operated camera protagonists but fails both in using that technique and as a film in General.

You want to start from the "most cliché die" affair with the chilioepanalambanomeni visiting a juvenile gang in an isolated cabin in the Woods? Do you want to continue with the meaningless jump scares, mobile phones have no signal, cars that break down or destroyed? Wherever they hit, film cliches and fashionable globalist stinks. So what if it places on the role of the evil Monster pithikoeides of American folklore and mythomanias? The "Exists" may not be the worst film of found footage class in recent years, but believe me, you don't need to waste your time unless you're sworn follower of amateur camera.

Horror Trivia

The special effects for the movie Monster designed by the famous company WETA Workshop. A pity of course that wasn't analogues of good reputation in special effects …

The Director's name is actually the most powerful element in the "Exists". But we all know that beyond the monumental "The Blair Witch Project," the Cuban Eduardo Sánchez never came back with a similar sized tape. By contrast, films that were offered from indifferent to sympathetic but close to the levels of mediocrity always. Unfortunately for him (and by extension for us) nor with the "Exists" manages to distinguish itself.

This is a movie that suffers from troublesome and unreasonable use of hand-held camera of protagonists – typical problem in many movies of this subclass. Many scenes filmed, just have no reason to exist. Beyond the lack of realism we have and the moderate performance of the actors affecting further the movie.

The icing on this cake tasteless comes with the very presence of the monster-Bigfoot which resemble hairy Carnival despite serious and plausible Monster. So I not only take the shovel and to protect the poor this work of Sánchez, as much as I would like to be in this position …


Movie Review Highlights
  • The stalking of a cyclist from Bigfoot.
  • The siege of the protagonists of the Bigfoot in the basement of the hut.


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Few sequences with a high suspense.


Existence of many cliches of modern found footage idiom and not only, moderate acting, failed "constructional" Bigfoot monster, scattered rough scenario.

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Weak found footage film by a promising filmmaker once. Skip unless you're bigots of amateur camera or Eduardo Sánchez.

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