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The Evil Dead (1981)

The Evil Dead (1981)

by 19/05/2014
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Book of the Dead
Into the Woods
Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead


1 Hour and 25 Minutes (85 Minutes)


They got up on the wrong side of the grave.
Can They Be Stopped?
The Ultimate Experience In Grueling Terror



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 Case: In "The Evil Dead" a group of young people going to a secluded cabin in the Woods and there is confronted with an ineffable evil that turns young people into wild demons.

Few horror films have influenced the scene as the monumental "The Evil Dead" of eccentric Sam Raimi. With meager budget Raimi managed there in the early 80s to create a movie station, introducing fresh ideas to the genre with the main explosive combination of comic slapstick elements and extreme gore. The great asset of "The Evil Dead" with countless scenes anthology is that despite the staggering ' partying ' character does not lose anywhere dark atmosphere, being a complete, pure horror film.

Bruce Campbell

The Bruce Campbell identified forever with this franchise and with a floating interpretive performance lasting became so likable as few heroes of horror genre. The Raimi begins the work of atmospheric and one of the first images it seems something big. From that original montage where the image with the new car alternates with rapid movement shots of an unknown force in the nearby forest, up to the time that heroes entering the isolated hut at the time that a swing beats ominously the exterior wall, Raimi prepares us for a scary outburst till you drop. In the hut the Ash and his friends will read by chance "book of the dead" (Necronomicon), and will hear a tape with recorded calls demons. From this point begins the fright and fun. An Ash's friends are occupied by the outermost demons both spiritually and physically and the unlucky hero trying to survive by any means necessary even if you have to kill their former friends.

Horror Trivia

The dramatic violence of "The Evil Dead" led to problems with censorship and initial bans in some countries such as Germany, Finland and Ireland. His reputation, however, was not limited after illegal copies shells on the black market. In Germany it is forbidden even today's view on film.

Ellen Sandweiss

With such a simple and absurd assumption the Raimi does wonders in his cult by constructing convincing a picture of despair, madness and insanity accompanied by dynamic scenes of violence and extensive blood baths. Scenes like the first daemonization of a girl they transmit profound tromares to the Viewer. Crazy ideas such as entrapment and then rape the same woman earlier than trees and branches in the region testify to the paranoia and lack of logic of "The Evil Dead". The sophisticated interpretations of the actors harmonize perfectly with the lethal mix of horror and comedy that tries to consolidate its creator.

evil dead

The faces of his friends into demons metamorphic Ash is really evil causing revulsion and horror in our astonished eyes. Off the bloodshed are characterized by intensity and inspiration, paving the way for many later films about the barbaric "logic". The kataigistikos rate of "The Evil Dead" with minimal pauses to not leave easily breathe and where you can do diakatechesai of a terrifying premonition that something sudden happens, someone is demon will pop up where you don't expect it, a dead hand will move etc..

The Sam Raimi with his legendary creature managed to scare us, to entertain us and simultaneously to coin a new subclass of horror with too many friends. The horror scene owes a lot to this masterpiece.

The Evil Dead

Movie Highlights

  • Cheryl's first appearance as a demon hovering in the living room of the hut. A phenomenal overwhelms us quiver watching the horrific appearance and listening to the distorted demonic voice.
  • The captivity of itself and the rape of the trees in the area just outside the hut.
  • A bloody cutting with axe! These are!
  • A juicy decapitation with shovel and with several liters of blood!

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Dark atmosphere, paranoid atmosphere, terrifying and extremely foul demons, neat combination of humor and horror, monumental presence of Bruce Campbell who ended up in a timeless hero, rivers of blood that are shocking.


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Timeless cult masterpiece with immeasurable historical significance for the scene of horror! Every friend of horror must have seen at least once!

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